5 Fashion Staples to Get You Excited for Fall

Now, you may be thinking it’s too early to start thinking about fall… and you are partially right. There are probably still many more weeks of hot weather, but this is the best time to start acquiring fall clothes. Stores are moving away from their summer stock and releasing fall items. Some pieces from last fall and winter may still be on sale as they are trying to get rid of old stock. To avoid any wasted clothing, outfit ideas are also included so you can envision how you will wear it before you buy anything. These pieces and outfits will have you feeling comfy, looking stylish and staying warm all season long!

  1. 1. Chunky, Oversized Knit Sweaters

    Sweaters are easily one of the best parts of fall! If you get a really comfy sweater it's like you are walking around in your own personal blanket. Forget a snuggie, these chunky knit sweaters are way better and much cuter. If you want to avoid paying a lot for these sweaters at retail stores, take a trip to your local Goodwill or thrift store and find these knit sweaters for a fraction of the price. The best part about the sweaters are that they are a season staple so buying them secondhand does not mean being out of style. You can wear these sweaters with leggings and sneakers for a casual look, or dress it up with jeans, booties and simple jewelry. The best part about chunky sweaters is that you can layer them with flannels underneath or a jacket on top, and it elevates the style.

  2. 2. Summer Skirts and Dresses

    Sometimes we have to dress up a little for a presentation, a job, an interview or even a date. The cooler weather prevents us from throwing on a summer dress and heels and walking out the door. These summer pieces can be revamped to be suitable for cooler weather. Summer dresses and midi-skirts that were so stylish during summer months don’t have to sit in your closet until next year. Throwing on a nice sweater on top of the dress or tucked into the skirt paired with boots can keep you warm and presentable. A belt, jewelry or other accessories can help transition the summer pieces to fall.

  3. 3. Leggings

    Who doesn’t love a comfy pair of leggings? A good pair of leggings can be worn in many ways and many times without losing shape or decreasing in quality. Layer the leggings with a graphic oversized tee, a jean jacket, sneakers and a baseball cap for a cute casual look. The same leggings can be paired with a sweater and boots for maximum comfort while also looking put together. You will look good and feel good as you go from class to class this semester.

  4. 4. Cardigans

    Cardigans are a classic fall piece! If you want to extend the life of your summer tops, throwing on a cardigan is great. In Georgia, especially the early fall, days are characterized as cold mornings, hot afternoons and cold nights. Not to mention cold or warm classrooms. Cardigans are the solution! These are also available in thrift stores which makes it affordable for college students’ budgets!

  5. 5. Denim

    Denim is truly a staple, and getting a good pair of jeans with a limited amount of holes and rips can keep you warm this season. Overalls are also great because it’s basically an outfit on its own. You can style a sweater by throwing on a pair of overalls and sneakers or boots. A denim jacket can also help layer during the fall season when it is not completely freezing. The jacket will be great on top of sweaters and dresses for both style and warmth. These pieces will be useful in other seasons as well so purchasing a nice pair of jeans or a jacket will be worth it! 

If you have any of these pieces, you are basically set for fall already, but it doesn’t hurt to buy some more. Check out Pinterest to see more ways to style these fall staples!