5 Fall Drinks To Warm Up To This Season

As the temperature begins to drop and tests drain even more energy out of you, here is a list of the best fall time drinks to energize you until Thanksgiving break rolls around.

Spiced Apple Cider

A great buy from any local coffee shop (Starbucks is a personal favorite), this toasty drink is the perfect fix at any time of day. Whether to warm you up in class during the morning or help you wind down after studying at night, a combination of warm cider with a sprinkle of cinnamon is hands-down the best fall drink.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Despite the fact that this is possibly the most over publicized drink of all time, the PSL is a staple autumnal drink. If you haven’t tried this already, it is a sometimes too-sweet pumpkin flavored coffee drink that doesn’t just spike your energy level, but your sugar levels as well. It is a fall time bucket list essential at any age; a necessity to experience the strangely popular trend.

Hot Chocolate

Any type of hot chocolate is already a calming drink, but with a touch of caramel or even a little cinnamon you can spice up the drink for those cold nights. As winter comes along, there can be an easy transition with the addition of peppermint mixers too!


Horchata is a popular Latin American milky drink that can be made from a variety of nuts or rices. With a touch of cinnamon added, it is another great drink to add to your list. Its unique consistency and flavor are great to host at any parties. It can be found in many shops or you can even make it yourself!

Frosty Joe

At the University of Georgia, Jittery Joe’s is a staple coffee shop that keeps many a student up and running as the weeks drag along. Similar to the sugary levels of a PSL, a Frosty Joe is actually a cold drink that, albeit its lack of intrinsic fall flavoring, can have different additives to bring it to the holiday spirit. Plus, it can get anyone through those all-nighters at the MLC with its sky-high levels of sugar and caffeine.

Image Courtesy of Jittery Joe's.

Don't fall prey to the gusty winds this season, but rather cozy up to one of these drinks and persevere until the next school break!