5 Emotions You'll Experience Post-Fall Break As Told by Riverdale

After Fall Break, we're all so ready for the semester to be over. There's just a few short weeks until Thanksgiving Break, and after that an even shorter amount of time until the semester is over and done with. As you navigate through the next few weeks, you are at a constant battle with yourself over the urge to give up and be done with the semester or power through it and finish strong. 


1. Exhaustion Because This Semester Needs to Be Over Already

We've been in school for so many weeks now and the semester feels like it's lasted forever. We are all so done and unbelievably ready for the upcoming break. At this point in the semester, everyone is doing the bare minimum to survive. No one is taking on more than they have to, whether it be social issues or anything else in the academic sphere.


2. Anxiousness for the 1000 Tests Coming Up

You thought that you were doing pretty good managing all your assignments and free time this semester, until you look at the calender and realize you have 5 tests, 3 papers and 4 homework assignments due the week before Thanksgiving Break. Just looking at that week in your calender stresses you to no end and you aren't entirely sure how you are going to get through it all. 


3. A Glimmering Hope That You Can Bring Your Grade Up From a C to an A 

You've done the calculations and realized that it is, in fact, mathematically possible to bring your grade up to an A. The only problem with this is that you have to get a 99 on all the remaining assignments but the highest grade you've ever received has been an 85. But still, you study five hours a day for that one class because you believe that miracles are possible. 


4.  Stress and Disbelief Over How Many Assignments Your Professors Manage to Pack Into The Next Few Weeks

Did every professor get together and decide to have a test on the same day? It sure seems like it with the crazy amount of assignments you have in the last few weeks of the semester. However, we all have that one class that ends before Thanksgiving Break and has an optional final. Having that one class in our schedule gives us the strength to get through all our other finals that are non-optional and are over the entire course.  


5. Relief That In a Few Weeks, You Can Go Home and Do Nothing Stress Free 

You stay encouraged with the thoughts of laying in bed for days on end during winter break. You fantasize of all the fun winter activities that you're going to do with all your friends from home. But the thing you fantasize the most about, is not having to think about school or stress about assignments. 

Keep working hard, because the end is near! 



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