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It’s almost December, which means it’s time to start planning out what gifts you’re going to give your family and friends. If you’re anything like me, you always struggle to find the perfect gift for your mom—she does so much for me, and nothing ever seems quite right for such an important person in my life.

Here are my top 10 gift ideas from Christmases past to help you find the perfect gift for your mom this year.


My mom’s signature scent is Clinique Happy, a bright and citrusy floral scent, but you should find the fragrance that suits your mom’s taste best.

Monogrammed Bathrobe

My mom is a super hard worker and sometimes forgets to treat herself. A soft monogrammed bathrobe like this one from Lands End is a luxurious treat that she gets to enjoy every time she gets ready.

Cooking Tools

My mom loves to cook, and some of her favorite gifts ever have been fancy cooking tools and appliances that let her make new things. Her all-time favorite brand is Le Creuset, which sells a variety of bakeware, pots, and pans.


The right book is always a great gift. Find something related to your mom’s interests or with a fascinating story. If your mom isn’t much of a reader, an art or photography book might be right up her alley.

A Spa Day

Experiences can make great gifts, too! Get your mom a voucher for a mani-pedi or a massage at a spa near her that she can redeem when she wants a relaxing day off.

Something Practical

Little gifts that make a small part of my mom’s day easier are always a hit. Pay attention to what your mom might benefit from, and see if there’s something that could simplify a daily task. For my mom, a Bluetooth iPad keyboard made it easier for her to write her journal entries.

I hope these ideas help you find the perfect gift for your mom this holiday season!

Lindsay Morris is studying Journalism and Political Science at the University of Georgia. She loves to read and write, especially about culture, style, and entertainment. When she's not doing that, Lindsay loves walks in the rain, creating ultra-specific playlists, and going out with friends.
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