5 Candle Scents to Get You in the Mood for Fall

September hit and our minds went to all things fall. We are all ready for the holiday season to begin and the cooler air to take over. The one thing that shouts fall after changing leaves is the smells. You have certain smells that you associate with holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas that always take you back to the good times of your childhood. 

1. Apple 

Apple is one of those scents that can be combined with many other smells to create that fall feeling. The combo that we all know and love for the fall season is apple and cinnamon. When you get a whiff of that your mind immediately pictures red and yellow leaves and the great days of fall. Some other popular scent combinations are apple and caramel, pumpkin and apple, apple and fig, or apple and maple. 

2. Pumpkin 

Pumpkin spice latte? Why limit yourself to that when you could have the scent of pumpkins constantly surrounding you all season long. The possibilities with this classic fall scent are truly endless. It provides a good base to be used in many different mixes. This is a versatile scent that can be combined with many other smells such as vanilla, pecan, maple, coconut, or caramel. 

3. Fig 

This is one of the scents that are a little harder to come by but can be found if you look hard enough. Fig is one of the sweeter scents that is great to use throughout the entire holiday season. It can be thrown into the mix with these other scents to provide a change up when you are looking for something new. Other scents that fall under the same umbrella as fig include cranberry and cherry. If you see a red candle, odds are that it is one of these three scents. 

4. Maple

Maple makes us think of cooler weather. It makes us think of all things associated with winter such as snow, flannel, and the changing leaves. Maple trees are one of the many species that changes to vibrant colors during the fall. This is a sweeter scent that can become overpowering if you have a sensitive nose. 

5. Turkey 

Nothing is more mouth-watering than the scent of turkey. This is one of the more savory scents that can make your stomach grumble. This is a scent that is up front and can be overpowering in your home. We suggest using this scent only when you're hungry. 

So go hit up your local Bath and Body Works and stock up on all the fall scents they offer. Another great place to look for interesting candles is at Kroger. They have a variety of brands including Yankee Candle as well as their own store brand.

There is no shortage of interesting scents out there, so have fun exploring them.