5 Books To Read This Winter Season

There are certain holiday traditions that we look forward to partaking in every year. Like with Hallmark Christmas movies, we all love to cuddle up with a novel on a cold winter's night. We all love to read about perfect strangers coming together to make a Christmas miracle happen or to restore faith in love. Here's a list of holiday novel recommendations that touch on all the warm and fuzzy feelings of the seasons. 

1. "The Chaos of Standing Still" by Jessica Brody

We all love a good cell phone swap story. This story follows Ryn and Xander after they accidentally switch phones during a snowstorm in the Denver airport. Ryn has been carrying a weight on her shoulders for the past year of the terrible sadness surrounding the death of her best friend. The overarching theme of this story is to mend the pain of a broken heart and loss. This novel will have you laughing and crying while rooting for the love that is blooming between Ryn and Xander. 

2."Kiss Me in New York" by Catherine Rider

Another example of two strangers meeting and falling in love. The story follows Charlotte and Anthony as they meet in the airport after both being dumped. This is a classic story of the mending of broken hearts during the holiday season. However, they accidentally get separated and we aren't sure if the couple we are all rooting for will find each other in time for Christmas. Definitely a worthwhile read to make you feel warm and fuzzy inside. 

3. "My True Love Gave to Me: Twelve Holiday Stories" by Stephanie Perkins 

This book is a collection of short stories that are written by many different authors. In total, there are twelve short stories all dealing with love. This book is great if you want to fit in a quick read in between the craziness of the holidays. There is something for everyone in these contemporary short stories. 

4. "We'll Always Have Christmas" by Jenny Hale

If you love Hallmark movies, this book is right up your alley. Noelle Parker is the main protagonist of this story who is desperately trying to save her family's bakery. Of course, this task is not easily done and she believes that a Christmas miracle is the only thing that will allow the bakery to pull through. To accomplish this, she takes on a second job taking care of an elderly man. With this man comes his mysterious son who Noelle is fascinated with. 

5. "Carols and Chaos" by Cindy Ansley

For all your historical book lovers, this novel calls upon the classic Regency Christmas that comes to mind whenever we think of a literary Christmas. Taking place in 1817, this novel features a mystery and a love story that we can all get behind. The plot follows Kate Darby, a lady's maid, and Matt Harlow, a valet, as they unknowingly become involved in a counterfeiting scheme. Of course, as they attempt to get to the bottom of these dealings, they can't help their growing feelings for each other. 

There's an endless supply of holiday and winter-themed books out there to get you feeling festive. In the midst of all of our crazy schedules, take some time out for yourself and read a book for fun.