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5 Black Bloggers You Should Be Following

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

I am a creative. Not only am I a creative, I am a black creative. Being a black creative is important to my identity as there are not a lot of black creatives getting the attention they deserve. There are tons of black creatives out there killing the game and all, especially when it comes to the world of blogging. I love reading blogs as they give me a way to see what other people around my age group are doing, what is the latest style trend and much more. I feel like I am reading a book about their lives posted by a weekly chapter. I see the hard work that the bloggers I follow put into their perfect feeds and their blog posts, but they still do not get the recognition from big-name brands like traditional white bloggers do. I believe in the importance of diversity when it comes to the blogger community as they deserve to be featured too. Here are some black bloggers you should be following to diversify your feed.

1. GoodTomiCha (@goodtomicha)

The classic story of majoring in the wrong major inspired Tomi Obebe to start her own fashion blog. Her rainbow-colored feed will show you her latest looks and her amazing closet while finishing her MBA at Clemson. Did I mention she’s getting married in June and not having one, but two weddings? Not only is her blog amazing, but she is a true advocate for other bloggers of color getting the recognition that they deserve and diversifying the fashion blog industry.




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2. Sequins and Sales (@sequinsandsales)

I found Amanda through GoodTomiCha. What attracted me to follow her was she is from Georgia (like me) and is currently finishing up her last semester at Georgia Southern at Disney World through their internship program before she starts her full-time job at Carter’s . If you love girlboss vibes with a mixture of Disney and great taste in style, Sequins and Sales is for you. Bonus: Since she’s still in college she gives great advice, like how to stay organized, cheap first date spots and even what to wear to your internship. 




{NEW BLOG POST} Y’all I’m SOOOO excited for this next blog post! I’ve officially finished my FIRST WEEK as a @Disney intern and it’s been amazing so far! My post is the longest/most detailed one I’ve ever written and I hope you guys love it! It’s EVERYTHING you need to know about the Disney Professional Internships Application & Interview process! Check it out through the link in my bio. (P.S. I made my ears ?) . . . #disney #disneyinterns #disneyprofessionalinternship #waltdisneyworld #disneyphotography #disneylife #intern #floridablogger #style #blog #ootdfash #discoverunder20k #lifestyle #blog #lifestyleblog #blogger #22 #college #tan #health #wellness #travel #adventure #life #yoga #sunshine #smile #makeup #natural #curls #orlandoflorida

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3. Alicia Tenise (@aliciatenise)

She has the dream life that I want to have one day. She is always traveling and looking great while doing it. Plus, she provides travel guides for the cities she has been too (Charlottesville, London, Austin, etc.). She shows that you can always rock your pair of glasses with any outfit that you are wearing. She is one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers to read. Overall, her feed is aesthetically pleasing and makes you inspired to work hard in order to be the #girlboss that she is today.



4. Gabby Whiten (@gabbywhiten)

I started to follow Gabby when she still had her old blog with her best friend called The Swirl, a blog that mainly focused on topics that pertain to the average college student, and Gabby was finishing her undergrad degree at UNC at Chapel Hill. Now she is living her best life in New York City doing her Ph.D at NYU. When she’s not in class, you can get a glimpse of the bustling New York lifestyle including her obsession brunches and lattes (same girl same). She gives great advice about living in New York City and looking good too while you’re at it. If you are dreaming about living in New York one day, this is the blog for you.



5. Janea Brown (@jnaydaily)

Another blogger I found thanks to Tomi from GoodTomiCha and her 28 days of black bloggers in honor of Black History Month. Janea’s feed is different from the other bloggers I have mentioned above: SHE FEATURES HOME DÉCOR. If you’re like me, you are a big sucker for good home décor and her feed is all about how she designed her Brooklyn apartment. Plus, she is a plant mom and all about body positivity as curvy bloggers need to be featured way more too (but that is for another blog post).

There are way more bloggers of color out there and you can find more through @browngirlblogs that fit the type of blogging style you are looking for. Excuse me now as I go and catch up on their latest blog post.

Hey y'all. My name is Jayda Hill and I am currently a student at the University of Georgia trying to navigate adulting. I am Advertising major with a minor in Sports Management and a certificate in New Media. Besides writing, I enjoy laughing with friends, eating at my favorite places, reading, watching college football, movies, Youtube videos, and shows on Hulu and Netflix. I can't wait to channel my inner Carrie Bradshaw with Her Campus UGA.