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4 Ways to Wear Green This St. Patrick’s Day

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UGA chapter.

If you’re struggling to put together the perfect St. Patrick’s Day outfit this year, your worries are over. There’s no need to throw on some tacky leprechaun T-shirt or feel like the Jolly Green Giant. Look glamorous this holiday (and avoid getting pinched) with these ideas.

1. Hair Chalk

What better way to experiment with fun hair colors than by using hair chalk? This product can be picked up in most beauty stores and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Most importantly, it’s not permanent. Play around with a couple of streaks or even do your entire head of hair if you’re feeling adventurous. Either way, you’ll be one lean, mean, and green machine.

2. Just a dress. Nothing more, nothing less.

Want a quick and simple way to get your dose of green? Dresses are great for so many occasions, as they can be dressed both up and down. Find yourself a great cut that hits you above the waist and a length that covers just the top portion of your knees.

3. Scarves

You can find so many different styles of scarves nowadays. A simple shopping trip downtown can result in multiple choices. The best scarf is one that is fairly long and quite thick, which allows you to tie it in so many different ways. Check out Michelle Phan’s YouTube tutorial on all the fun ways to tie a scarf that don’t involve your neck! 

4. But green looks terrible on me!

Don’t fret if you feel like Kermit’s evil twin in green clothing. Experiment with multiple shades and hues that still count as green. Try a pretty mint blouse or a deep emerald blazer. Pair it with complementary colors to look even more eye-catching.

When prepping your wardrobe for holidays and themed parties, the choices are truly endless. Don’t be held back by simplistic ideas for rocking your greenery. Invest in clothing that you can wear any time of the year!

Third-year student at UGA double majoring in Germanic & Slavic Languages and Communications Studies. I adore all things beauty and fashion and have been devouring magazines and beauty blogs for as long as I can remember. Language and culture are my passion and I hope to one day combine my interests into an exciting and fulfilling career!
Danielle is a senior at the University of Georgia majoring in English and minoring in Sociology. You can usually find her dividing her time between being Campus Correspondent of Her Campus UGA, binge-watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix and daydreaming about being one of Beyonce's backup dancers. If you want to know more about Danielle, you can follow her on Instagram (@danielleknecole_) or Twitter (@DanielleKnecole).