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4 Things You Need in Your Closet This Fall

As we delve deeper into fall and the temperatures begin to feel cooler and cooler, it’s time to really start shopping for the clothing of the season. While it still feels nice and hot midday here in Athens, it has definitely started to cool down during both the morning and the night. While it’s not completely time to bundle up in warm clothing at all hours of the day, this change in season definitely calls for a few staples for a successful fall fashion-wise.

1. Bomber Jackets

All the rage this fall, bomber jackets are the military jackets of this year as far as popularity is concerned. Though maybe not an immediate go-to in the past, they have now gained attention as a noteworthy fashion statement, especially when revamped to include embroidery, fun prints and colors, and embellishment.

2. All the Sweaters

Already one of the key parts of fall, sweaters of any kind will always be good for autumn, no matter what particular type— normal, oversized, cropped. Specifically, for today’s day and age or for fall 2016 in particular, you can never go wrong with an oversized sweater. Easy to layer over or under other clothing items and completely versatile, outfits with oversized sweaters are automatically more comfortable and cute.

3. Suede Everything

A recent obsession of every fall fashionista is all things suede. Suede boots, skirts, shorts, shirts, dresses; you name it, it probably exists. A favorite among Athens, suede is a common way to dress up something or add a little flair to an everyday outfit. Something new, and definitely in for fall, are suede dresses specifically. While it’s still transitioning from warm to cold weather, it is the perfect time to work a stylin’ dress either day, night, or day to night.

4. Booties

Not completely new, but also an evolving clothing item is the bootie. Currently open-toe booties are perfect for the fall weather, and are a way to let the feet breathe a little, while still staying just warm enough as to not be freezing cold. Additionally, all different kind of booties or ankle boots exist out there. They may become your new best friend just as soon as you figure out the cutest style and color for you (the options are endless).

Overall, have a fantastic fall and an even better time shopping for it. Enjoy the weather while you can, and hopefully you can rock some of these clothing items in the next couple of months as we (fingers crossed) slowly approach winter.

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