4 Reasons Why We Need Marie Kondo's "Tidying Up" In 2019

In life, we tend to accumulate a lot of things. Before we know it, our house is full and we are surrounded by a bunch of crap that we don't know how it got there. Life gets in the way and we are suddenly too busy to take on the mess that has begun to build up in our home. The year is just now beginning, meaning it's the perfect time to do a deep cleaning of our homes. At the beginning of the year, Netflix released a whole season of a show devoted entirely to cleaning our messy homes. Called Tidying Up, the show follows Marie Kondo, the cutest woman from Japan, as she helps families finally tackle their messes. Here are four reasons why we truly need this show in 2019.

1. It reminds us to surround ourselves with things that spark joy.

There are certain items in our possessions that are redundant or that we don't like anymore. If we take every single one of our possessions and examine them to determine if they spark joy, you might be surprised with how much or how little sparks joy in your life. Ultimately, we want to surround ourselves with things that make us happy because life is too short to spend it constantly unhappy. 

2. It reminds us to periodically clean our spaces.

A wardrobe is something that evolves and changes with our personality. As we grow into adults, our wardrobe needs to grow up with us. It's a good idea to go through things such as your wardrobe periodically. With clothes, our preferences are ever-changing or what fit us last year may not fit correctly this year. If you get rid of these things that you don't like or have a use for anymore, it can make room for new and exciting wardrobe pieces that we love much more than the ones we're giving away.

3. It reminds us of old items that sparked joy in the past.

When going through all of our stuff, we uncover forgotten items from the past that we used to love. We begin to feel nostalgic and remember the good days when life was simpler. These items can change our perspectives on life and bring a joy that could have been long-forgotten. When that feeling of nostalgia hits, it could remind us what items are important to us. 

4. It reminds us that there are ways to organize our houses a little better.

There are efficient ways to put items away that many of us have never heard of before. If you commit to placing everything in storage, you can properly place these items in the best way to make sure as many items as possible fit. Marie Kondo shares many techniques with storing items that are oddly shaped, such as ties or other clothing items. 

For further information, check out Marie Kondo's website. Letting go of things can be hard work, so lean on Marie to get you through this long process.