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4 Podcasts That You Should Be Listening To

Podcasts are blowing up and are bigger than ever before. They are the books of our modern technologically-rich age, but it won’t take you two weeks to finish one! Podcasts have been around since roughly 2004 and while it has often been noted than every millennial white guy has a podcast, they aren’t all bad. There is literally a podcast out there for everybody and they are perfect to listen to on your bus ride or walk to class. Here are four podcasts you should be listening to:



Coffee Break Languages

Radiolingua designed this to be listened to on your daily work break and these conversational language classes are a perfect addition to your college French classes or just to learn something new. Each one is roughly 15 minutes and they also have German, Chinese, Italian and Spanish! In class it can be hard to learn pronunciations correctly, but this podcast goes at a beginners pace and you can always rewind!



NPR’s Up First

“Fake news” runs rampant nowadays, but NPR is a classic trusted source for nearly everything. Their episodes are broad and anything but boring. You can also “wow” your friends with the breadth of your knowledge from this daily podcast.



A Piece of Work 

Abbi Jacobson takes her comedian friends and art curators around the Museum of Modern Art and they discuss their opinions on several expressions of art. This podcast only has 10 episodes, but is hilarious and informative for anyone interested in comedy or art. 



Two Dope Queens

Two successful comedians, Jessica Williams and Phoebe Robinson (a writer on Broad City) interview three other woke comedians per episode. The result is extremely entertaining and a nice change of pace in a white male driven industry. 


Happy Podcasting!

Sam is getting her degree in Film Studies at UGA. She hopes to continue writing entertainment reviews and comedy nonsense after graduation. She's always got a latte in hand and can be seen practicing handstands all around campus.
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