3 Ways to Avoid Feeling Lonely This Valentine's Day

From engagement photos on your Instagram feed every Christmas to #baecation pics every summer, no holiday in the year can have you feeling more single than Valentine’s Day. It’s a whole day dedicated to love; do we really need that? Well, you might be thinking no because maybe you have been single every Valentine's Day of your life. If you normally feel extra lonely in February, keep on reading to see how you can avoid the hurt and enjoy February 14th.

  1. 1. Get Off Social Media

    Phone with social media apps on screen

    We already know what pictures are going to show up on our feeds; dates, engagements, and the perfect gifts have to be shared for everyone to see. The pictures may be on Instagram, but we don't have to see them. If you constantly find yourself picking up your phone and mindlessly opening a specific app only to be bombarded by pictures that scream #relationshipgoals, delete the app altogether. This will prevent you from getting upset because you are in control of what you are seeing. It will feel weird at first, but after a while, you will feel truly liberated. 

  2. 2. Count Your Blessings

    three women holding each other and smiling and laughing

    On days like Valentine's where it seems like it is the norm to be in a relationship, think about the sides of those relationships that you don't see. Sure, everyone on your feed looks happy, but do you really know what goes on behind closed doors—or even once the camera is off? The truth is relationships are rarely perfect. Many people will stay in toxic relationships just to be with someone. While you may be sad that you are missing the "good" parts, also count your blessings that you don't have the "bad" parts either. Think of your friends and family that love you unconditionally. While platonic and familial love is not the same as romantic love, these relationships are worth cherishing. No one is saying that you will never experience romantic love, but in the time being, being happy with who is in your life can help get you through the times when you feel lonely.

  3. 3. Focus on Self Love

    woman smiling at reflection in mirror

    Buy chocolates for yourself. Take yourself on a date. Love yourself. This may sound cheesy, but this can be the first step to having a deeper connection with yourself. Relationships can be great but if you cannot enjoy your own company or be happy on your own, no one else will be able to give you that happiness. If you are feeling lonely on Valentine's, think to yourself, am I sad because I don't want to be alone or I can't be alone? Asking yourself these tough questions will allow you to get to the root of your loneliness rather than put a band-aid over it and hope the feeling goes away. From frequent self-care days to positive self-affirmations, love yourself the way you would want your dream partner to love you.

February 14th is going to come every year, and feeling lonely may just seem like a given. Limit the #relationshipgoals you are seeing, spend time with the people around you, and spend time with yourself. Love will come when it is the right time, which may or may not be this February. This year, instead of moping around wishing you had someone to share it with, try and change your thinking towards the holiday and relationships themselves.