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3 UGA Night Games in a Row: 3 Reasons to Be Extra Thankful

When you live in Athens, any given Saturday in September can still reach the high 80s, as far as temperature is concerned. And just because Starbucks has decided to break out the PSL’s doesn’t mean the weather has quite succumbed to the fall trend. So when the Bulldog’s football schedule was released and fans, especially students, learned that there were not one… not two… but three home night games in a row, it seemed too good to be true. Had the football gods truly shined down upon us? Here are three reasons why Athens’ night games are truly blessings.

1. You can worry less about sunburn and more about cheering on the Dawgs.

I’m not promising that you won’t walk away completely unscathed, but you definitely don’t have to worry as much about bringing your 50 SPF. When kickoff is at noon, the chances of your skin turning a nice shade of bulldog red is fairly high. But with a 7:30 p.m. kickoff, you’ll get to see the sun set behind Sanford Stadium, and you’ll enjoy at least a few quarters under both the stadium lights and the moonlight.

2.  You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn.

When you’re a true fan through and through, you’ll do just about anything for the Dawgs including waking up bright and early. Whether you have to wake up early to drive into Athens, or you’re a student and have to wake up early to stand in line for the student gate, early games aren’t always the most exciting, so a night game can be a nice change of pace.

3. You have longer to tailgate.

What’s a Saturday in Athens if it’s not for the entire experience? Having a night game means that there’s more time to tailgate in the afternoon and prepare for the game. It’s a different vibe because the experience lasts longer. From mid afternoon until the final quarter is over, the entire day is a sea of red and black.

Fellow bulldogs, do not take these games for granted because these times won’t last forever. Night games are so fun, so hype, so electric and overall so memorable. All bulldog games are, but these are special. Let’s cheer the boys on tonight as they take on Samford and then next week as they take on Mississippi State, and let’s not forget the many blessings these night games provide us in disguise. Go Dawgs!

My name is Marlee Middlebrooks, and I am a May 2018 graduate of the University of Georgia. I was a dual degree student and earned my Bachelor of Arts in journalism as well as my Bachelor of Arts in communication studies. While in college, I was the Editor in Chief of UGAzine, a feature writer for Her Campus at UGA and a beat reporter for The Red and Black. I believe in the power of storytelling. I believe stories truly allow each of us to find a way to connect with one another. When I’m not telling stories, you can definitely find me in the Chick-fil-A drive thru or catching up on the current reality TV craze—my all time favorite show being Survivor.
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