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3 Parisian Fall Fashion Accessories Perfect for UGA Girls

Aside from the designer fashions that light up the runways during Paris Fashion Week, many French bloggers, or even just regular women, exemplify Parisian fashion through their street styles. If you can’t afford to take an impromptu trip to Paris (honestly who really can?), Pinterest is an affordable way to connect you to Paris and bring the fashions to the streets of Athens, Georgia or wherever you are! Thankfully, many French-inspired outfits have black, white, and red components that perfectly align with UGA’s colors!

 Jazz up Your Simple up-do with Silk Scarves

Silk scarves were pretty popular this past summer, but have been seen less in everyday wear. Wearing a silk scarf in your hair is such a pretty addition to your sweater, as it was to your sundress in the summer. Many sweaters come in basic colors and can easily be accessorized if you choose. When it’s cold outside or rainy and wet, putting your hair up is a go-to style. Why not accessorize your outfit and jazz up your simple ponytail with a silk scarf? Many fashion bloggers in Paris are seen tying a silk scarf in their hair and the colors in the scarf can match their bag or other parts of their outfit to create a cohesive look. It makes it look like you put more effort into your outfit without having to do a lot of work. Silk scarves are found in pretty much every Athens boutique, along with Urban Outfitters, or you can find them online and get a bunch for cheap prices. Check out these scarves from H&M, Urban Outfitters, & ASOS for under $15.

Keep Your Head Warm and Accessorize with Berets

When you think of Paris Fashion berets come to mind. Have you ever tried to wear one? Just because they are popular in Paris doesn’t mean they are exclusive to Paris. Be a trendsetter and rock a beret! If you are having a bad hair day, throwing on a beret completely amplifies your look. No one knows how your hair looks under the hat, they just see the style. A beret can be a perfect accessory to dress up a monochromatic outfit or used to keep warm and paired with a coat. You can get them at H&M for $12.99. These berets come in 6 different colors, but we suggest getting them in red or black… Go Dawgs!

Comfy and Stylish from Head to Toe with Loafers and Mules

This weather has us in a weird place between sandals and boots; it’s a little too chilly for sandals, but also don’t want to overheat in boots. Loafers are a chic and comfortable medium. Loafers and mules can instantly dress up a casual look and are a comfortable alternative to heels that you would wear for professional purposes. So many bloggers are seen sporting loafers and mules in their everyday wear, and many American women have started wearing them as well. Loafers are a great shoe to own, especially for UGA girls since the campus is so big and requires walking. Sometimes we also have to dress up a little for a class presentation or another event. Instead of wearing heels and carrying flats in your bag to switch between the two, loafers are a solution to the extra weight. They are very similar to mules, which are chic and stylish as well, but can add more protection and support since it covers your entire foot rather than leaving the heel exposed. Mules come in many different styles and can be found at a higher price range for a designer shoe, or can even be found in more affordable places such as Target and Walmart. Here are some loafer options by Franco Sarto & Target. Check out all the mules at Target, which include styles that are similar to designers such as Steve Madden, but cost less!

Incorporating these pieces into your wardrobe can turn your fall outfits from simple to stylish without having to put in a lot of effort! If you find yourself having trouble trying to style these accessories, hop on Pinterest and search for outfits with silk scarves, berets, loafers, mules or just Parisian fashion in general. Find inspiration and create new outfits to wear all season long!

Brianna Mays is one of the Campus Correspondents for Her Campus at UGA. She was born and raised in Gwinnett County, GA. She is a Terry Business Student majoring in Management: Human Resouces with a minor in Spanish and Fashion Merchandising.
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