3 Female YouTubers You Should Know

When you have nothing else to do, you should pull up YouTube and take a look at three YouTubers that openly influence many. Funny YouTubers that speak on mundane and trendy subjects are well-known among large numbers of people, but many should take the time away from laughing and view those who speak upon manifested energy and positive healing. Most of society has allowed everyday stress to weigh down on them and morph their mood into something unspeakable. Many individuals of this generation feel so alone when the truth is that there is always someone reaching out trying to be a calming voice to make you feel better, or show you that you are not truly alone because this YouTuber feels the same way as you do. The three YouTuber’s discussed in this piece have so many videos that I can other summarize their purpose for creating a beneficial account.

1. Hitomi Mochizuki

The first YouTuber is Hitomi Mochizuki. She is a spiritual young woman who touches on her depression in many videos at the beginning of filming around 2017. Her depression is brought on by how she would accept beings into her space and they would emotionally and sexually destroy her confidence and peace. She uses social media to document her progress within her states of living. Mochizuki constantly brings up how expressing what she goes through helps her mental state. She felt as if no one was feeling as empty as she did. But as she reached out and connected with the supposed scary Internet, she felt better with discussing her feelings. With each video, you see Mochizuki grow and open up as she preaches so much peace and happiness to her viewers. If you are in need of a calming human to connect with, you should click through a video that you find interesting from Hitomi’s playlist.


2. Meghan Hughes

The next YouTuber is Meghan Hughes. She is a ball of sunshine who discusses all that you can be faced with in life. A playlist that young ladies might gravitate towards is Hughes Big Sis Advice which is basically what you wish you could talk to your parents about, given to you by a trusting peer. She has a break down for mostly girls on body positivity, sex education and overall self-love. This generation is still being raised by parents who still believe in taboo topics, so it is a good thing to see someone out in the world who is willing to discuss such topics that many shy away from. 

3. Earth Mama Medicine

Last but not least, Earth Mama Medicine is a nutritionist YouTuber who also touches on the connection of nature around individuals. There are videos on sexual healing, herbs that help the growth of your body, and how you should take care of your energy. As the viewers watch her videos they will gain an understanding of how changing or adding certain herbs within your diet can help with mood and energy.

You must go and watch these YouTubers and see that the summarized pieces above that were given do not touch the tip of the ice. But readers should know that they are not alone in the world. There are thousands of YouTube channels that attack the subject of depression, body appreciation, and many other topics that everyone in the world relates to but do not speak of.