20 Tinder Men I'll Always Swipe Left On

This is all speaking from personal experience. Women—stay safe and cautious of these. Men—listen up if you ever want a female interaction.

  1. 1. Posing with dead animals

    Maybe it’s personal preference, but there is absolutely nothing attractive about holding up a recently mutilated carcass, especially when scoping out potential mates.

  2. 2. Any photo of him holding a caught fish

    See Number 1.

  3. 3. Military uniforms

    Speaking from multiple bad personal experiences with men in the military, and quite frankly—I'm just not looking to get married anytime soon.

  4. 4. First photo is with a woman who is not old enough to be his mom

    Yes, she might be his sister or his best friend. But a man who thinks it’s a good idea to use pictures with women on any dating site does not deserve your trust, regardless of intent.

  5. 5. Multiple photos with women who are not old enough to be his mom

    See Number 4.

  6. 6. High school football photos

    If you are currently playing for a college team, you're welcome to use those photos. If not, let's leave the past in the past.

  7. 7. Only has zoomed-in group photos

    We simply won't reward men who don't know how to take pictures of themselves (or can't get their friends to take any of them). It shows a lack of effort.

  8. 8. Looking for "something serious"

    This COULD potentially be acceptable if you are also looking for something serious, but Tinder might not be the right place to look, so you might as well pass on him.

  9. 9. Senior photos

    It is very obvious to tell if your photos were all professionally taken by Herff Jones, and again, we don’t like a man who’s advertising himself from when he was a minor (or only a few months out older than that). Graduation photos are also unacceptable.

  10. 10. Too many photos with Snapchat filters

    Yes, they’re cute to an extent, but they also scream "I am still in middle school!!!" Maybe one or two fun ones, every picture does not need to have a dog filter on.

  11. 11. Way too many emojis in the bio

    I should not have to explain this one.

  12. 12. Photos of his student ID or driver's license

    Radiates the same energy as the zoomed in group photos and senior photos, except this is somehow significantly worse.

  13. 13. Multiple paragraphs in the bio

    This can come off as very overwhelming and conceited. Tinder is not an opportunity to create a memoir, and I certainly don't want to read one.

  14. 14. Their bio references a specific timestamp in a TV show or movie

    For example, if it says "The Office, Season 1; Episode 15, 6 min 27 secs." No one is going to look up your stupid quote.

  15. 15. "Add me on Snap" in the bio

    All other social media handle plugs fall under the same rule.

  16. 16. Gym photos

    A mirror selfie may be acceptable, but we will not tolerate mid-bench press or weight lifting photos.

  17. 17. Puts his height in the bio and then follows with, "Because it matters"

    It does matter. Don’t acknowledge it.

  18. 18. Includes a picture of just his car

    Just the car, and the prospect is not even in the picture. Additional points deducted if it’s not even a super impressive car.

  19. 19. Every single photo is a group photo

    I have no clue who you are, unless I am interviewing to go out with the entire group. In that case, go ahead.

  20. 20. Ugly men

    Just kidding! Men should NEVER be objectified or rejected based on physical appearance in any way, shape, or form.

    Unless they’re really ugly…  then that’s a swipe left from me!

This is mostly satirical.