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If you aren’t following us on IG, you’re missing out. Here are 20 reasons why you should be following Her Campus at UGA on Instagram.

we will sh*tpost your ex

we will always back up your bad ideas

we repost Disney original movie memes

we support women’s rights… but more importantly, we support women’s wrongs

we will validate your daily naps

no really, we will 100% support napping

we’ll be your #1 hype team

we’ll remind you of your bad b*tch status

we will support your FINANCIAL ENDEAVOURS

we’ll make you laugh

we will validate your feelings

and we’ll build your confidence

we post about napping /a lot/

we’ll help you feel seen

we’ll post about your zodiac sign

we’ll remind you when to rest

we’ll share some throwbacks

and we’ll revisit your childhood

we’ll add some color to your homepage

and most importantly, we’ll update you on our newest article drops

Check us out here; you owe it to yourself.

Hannah is currently a Fisheries & Wildlife major pursuing a certificate in Environmental Education. When she's not writing for Her Campus, she can usually be found watching TikToks or looking at animals somewhere.