15 Fun Fall Activities You Can Do During COVID

Fall is my favorite season, but this year it’ll be a little different. Because we are still in the middle of a pandemic, (and yes, WE ARE STILL IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC PEOPLE! Wear your masks and wash your hands, for crying out loud!), the usual fun fall activities, like going to haunted houses or gathering an enormous group of people for a fun Halloween party, might seem undoable. Fall activities might seem unattainable to their normal scales, but they are still doable nonetheless. Here are some activity ideas and tips on how to handle the usual fun fall things while staying safe and healthy this fall 2020!

  1. 1. Go on a socially-distanced picnic.

    Picnic Donuts

    Grab a few friends, lay out on a lawn at least six-feet apart, and enjoy that nice autumn weather.

  2. 2. Take a scenic hike.

    woman walking on a pathway with fall leaves

    Be one with nature, and enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery. Go with a few friends, or maybe even your boo, if you have one! Just make sure to stay distant from other hikers.

  3. 3. Have a costumed photoshoot.

    This is another activity you can do with some pals, except this time, you can dress up in “fa-boo-lous” costumes! Lately, Tik Tok’s ghost photoshoots have been all the rage.

  4. 4. Do some fall baking and cooking.

    pumpkin pie on table, fall meal

    I’m talking snickerdoodles, pumpkin pies, caramel apples, homemade chili, creamy pumpkin soup… you name it! For a list of fun fall recipes, click here.

  5. 5. Or, try out your barista skills with some cool fall drink recipes.

    barista preparing coffee cappuccino

    From apple ciders to lattes to hot chocolate, this season has its fair share of tasty beverages. Pumpkin spice everything, am I right? Eat, drink, and be scary with some of these fun (nonalcoholic) fall drink ideas.

  6. 6. Go on a hayride.

    It seems as though most places that offer hayrides are taking reservations in order to ensure a safer, more enjoyable environment. This would be a fun thing to do with your family or a few friends!

  7. 7. Visit a corn maze.


    Same thing as the hayrides, many places that have corn mazes are taking reservations due to health and safety concerns. But again, still a fun thing to do with family or a limited number of friends. Also, make sure to wear your mask and stay distant from other maze attendees.

  8. 8. Have a fall movie marathon, either in-person or on a video call.

    Woman in White Bed Holding Remote Control While Eating Popcorn

    The fall season always offers up a good amount of watchable content, and this year, you can watch it in-person with a small group of people or take it online and stream via different video call platforms.

  9. 9. Or, get in the car and go to a drive-in movie.

    William Krause

    Who says the movies all have to be indoors? Drive-in movies are the big things nowadays in this COVID-influenced environment. Hit the road and watch from the comfort of your car.

  10. 10. Learn to knit or crochet.

    Not only were these activities interesting to take up during quarantine, now it’s getting a little cooler, which means you can make sweaters, scarves, or other warm fall garments for the season!

  11. 11. Make some fall-themed face masks.

    face mask prevention

    All you have to do is use an old, autumn-toned t-shirt , maybe a vintage shirt you found while thrifting, or go out to buy a fall-print fabric, and put together some seasonal face masks. Here’s a link to instructions on how to make some, with a sewing machine , with only a needle , or needle free.

  12. 12. Curl up with a good book, a cozy blanket, and add a cup of your favorite hot fall beverage to match.

    person sitting at the edge of a bed with an open book in their lap and a cup of coffee in hand

    Set the fireplace or light some candles, and you’ve got the coziest fall reading nook ever! Trick or treat yo' self to some relaxation time.

  13. 13. Go apple and/or pumpkin picking.

    Small Pumpkin In Hand

    Like the hayrides and the corn mazes, many apple picking farms or pumpkin patches are taking reservations or a select number of people at a time so as to avoid overcrowding. Still, grab your family or a few friends and go hunting for some seasonal produce!

  14. 14. Go stargazing.

    Stars behind tall trees

    Fun Fact: October will have two full moons, one of which will be on Halloween! So take a nighttime drive with a friend, roommate, or romantic partner, and take a gander at the beautiful autumn sky.

  15. 15. And of course, vote!

    I voted sticker

    Had to sneak this one in there, seeing as how 2020 is a pivotal election year. I’m talking both local and national government here. No matter your political affiliation, you should make your voice heard! Either in-person or through mail-in ballots, though the CDC recommends mail-in due to health and safety concerns. For more resources and information, visit https://www.centerforvoterinformation.org/ regarding your specific region or state.

Remember to please take COVID-19 seriously, and look out for yourself and others. Wear your mask, wash your hands, and watch your distance. Don't be a jerk-o-lantern!