14 Best Jack Pearson Moments

If you've ever seen an episode of NBC's This is Us, there's no denying that Jack Pearson has deserved the World's Best Dad award on multiple occasions. He's kind, selfless and always seems to know just what to say. He's romantic, thoughtful and let's be honest...he totally rocks that beard and mustache. What a perfect world it would be, if we could all have our own Jack Pearson. Am I right? So, whether you wish he could be the father of your babies, or you just think he's a pretty cool guy, whose love for his family is boundless, we agree with you whole-heartedly. Let's take a trip down memory lane of his best moments thus far, in preparation for the many more to come.

*Warning: This article contains spoilers*

1) The moment he saw the "Big Three"

After learning that one of his triplets had not made it after delivery, Jack was certain he and his wife, Rebecca, were meant to come home from the hospital with three babies. The little baby boy who had been left outside of a fire station that same day would soon be the fifth member of the Pearson family, and Jack fell head-over-heels for the little guy. This was the start of the family's beautifully messy life with Jack as their fearless leader.

2) When he filmed Kate singing

UGH can we just agree this scene gave us ALL the feels?! You can literally see the pride and affection he has for his "Katie girl" all over his face. While trying to prove to his daughter how talented she was at singing, he also showed her how he sees her differently than she sees herself. Later on in the episode, she makes him promise that he will never stop trying to convince her of how beautiful she is. As you see later on in the series, this video continues to be significant throughout her life.

3) Learning how to "vogue" at Kate's Madonna Party

Sometimes it's the little things that mean the most. Not every dad would ask his daughter to teach him how to do a Madonna impression, but if it means Kate has someone at her birthday party that's having fun, Jack will do whatever it takes. It's undeniable that these two have a special connection. Although it's a silly example, this scene definitely foreshadowed that Jack would do anything to make his daughter happy.

4) The beginning of Pilgrim Rick

When an unfortunate car mishap and a less-than-ideal motel attempts to ruin the Pearson Thanksgiving, Jack swoops in to save the day (as always). Pilgrim Rick is dressed in full colonial clothing and has the accent to match. He entertains his family by telling stories, roasting hotdogs with slices of American cheese and using a ball of yarn to talk about thankfulness. Although it's a silly one, Pilgrim Rick becomes a Thanksgiving tradition that carries on for years. In fact, Pilgrim Rick becomes a coveted position among the men of the family. 

5) All the sweet dad talks

Who doesn't love a man who can admit when he's wrong? A lot of people would agree that Jack is as close to perfect as you can get, but that doesn't mean he never makes mistakes. This precious moment shared between Jack and Kevin will definitely make you weepy. He apologizes for struggling to balance time between the "big three" and promises to do better. Then, he promptly asks for a hug and an "I love you, dad." Classic Jack.

6) Randall's first karate class

At his first day of karate, Randall sticks out for a couple of reasons. He's the new kid who doesn't know the first thing about karate, but also because he's the only boy in the room who has white parents. Jack jumps right in, ready to make Randall feel included, even if his life looks a little different. The instructor carries out the tradition for new students, by asking Jack to hold his son on his back and make promises about the kind of father he will be. Jack goes above and beyond (a regular thing for him) by doing way more push-ups than are asked of him. Rebecca is almost in tears in the back of the room, as she watches her husband, and that's honestly a mood.

7) The "Magic Shirt" that made Kate feel confident at the pool

Jack refuses to let anyone or anything make his daughter sad. That being said, when he notices Kate trying to cover up in a towel after some mean girls at the pool made fun of her weight, he offers a solution. He retells the story of him drunkenly saving a homeless man from muggers, in a way that's a little more appropriate for her, and he claims that the gift the rescued "traveler" gave him in return for his good deed was this magic green shirt. He claims that whenever you put it on, everyone sees you as you want to be seen. She puts her dad's shirt on, and suddenly, he sees her as a princess. She spends the rest of their pool day feeling as confident as ever.

8) Telling Randall it's okay to be different

From the first time Jack saw Randall, as a newborn, he knew he was meant to be a Pearson. He loved his son as fiercely as his other two children, and that was obvious. He never wanted Randall to feel different just because he was adopted, but one day he noticed that he was so nervous to stick out that he wasn't being his true self. In this heart-to-heart talk, Jack tells his son that he wants him to be as different as he can be because that's what makes him special. From that moment on, we see Randall excelling in school and confidently being himself.

9) His reaction to Kate asking about her weight

How do you respond to a question like this? Well, as usual, Jack knows exactly what to say. He separates Kate's looks from her weight, implying that her beauty has nothing to do with what appears on the scale. He makes it simple for her to understand when he states, "I think you are my favorite looking person." In case you weren't sure, this is exactly what she needs to hear. After every conversation between the two, one thing is abundantly clear. Jack is Kate's biggest fan.

10) Giving Kevin his necklace 

Can we all agree that sometimes teenage Kevin is a jerk? But that does not mean he can't appreciate a heartfelt talk and gift from his dad. After Kevin suffers an injury that will likely end his football career, he is feeling lost about what his future holds. This necklace was worn by Jack, while in Vietnam, where it brought him motivation to be brave and keep fighting. The origin of the necklace is still somewhat mysterious, since Jack said it was given to him, but he never said by who. From this moment on, Kevin feels comfort and guidance when wearing his dad's necklace. He is seen wearing it every day, even in adulthood.

11) His apology speech to Rebecca

Let's all be honest and admit that every line of this apology speech was perfect, and our tears were flowing. We hate when things aren't perfect in this #relationshipgoals marriage, but if every fight ends in words like these, we will take it. After numerous compliments on Rebecca's looks and her ability to be the best mother to their children, he says perhaps the most romantic thing, since Ryan Gosling's "if you're a bird, I'm a bird." He claims that not only was she his "great love story", but she was his "big break." He wants Rebecca to know that she and this family are the best thing that has ever happened to him. His life began, when he saw her for the first time. Who doesn't love this kind of affirmation?

12) Jack's favorite tree

To be honest, there are too many romantic Jack and Rebecca moments to count, and we are totally okay with that. To the writers of This is Us, keep them coming. However, this one just really tugs at our hearts. As the ridiculously thoughtful husband that he is, Jack knows that Rebecca is losing her mind worrying about test results that could come back with some bad health related news. So he makes up an elaborate story to bring her to his "favorite tree", in order to distract her for a little while. You later find out that the tree had no significance, except for the fact that it was the closest one to a phone booth for her to receive the call with good news. Then, he claims it's his favorite tree because that's where they found out that she was okay. 

13) Bedazzling Madonna gloves for Halloween

We love a man who does it all! There is something so attractive about a dad, who isn't afraid to help out around the house, even if that means spending hours bedazzling a pair of gloves for his Katie Girl's Madonna costume, which BY THE WAY, she didn't even end up wearing. Is there anything he won't do for his kids?

14). "I'm gonna be a 12"

Okay, I hate to admit it, but for a split second there, I think we were all a bit disappointed with Jack's behavior. When the stress of being a do-it-all dad got to him, Jack briefly let alcohol distract him from the important things in life. But we know that any negative feelings toward Jack could never last long. In fact, when he realizes he's messed up, he sleeps outside of his wife's door, so that he can apologize as soon as she wakes up in the morning. After she asks him to be the 10/10 father she knows he is, he promises that he will be a 12 from there on out. And boy does he keep his promise. 

The countdown to Season 3 is almost over, and it's about time for more moments that make our hearts melt for Jack Pearson. So grab a snack and a whole box of tissues because it's time to see what's next for our favorite family.