12 Songs For Your Road Trip Playlist To/From Your College Town

A road trip just isn't a road trip without good music, and that's just a fact. However, sometimes we get stuck in our ways and end up listening to the same few songs every time we get in the car. In case you're in need of some new car jam sessions for you and your best friends to sing along to OR you need a new playlist to sing loudly and off-key into a old water-bottle-turned-microphone, here are some windows-rolled-down songs.

1) "Drive" by Ben Rector

The title of this song speaks for itself. After listening to it once, you'll wonder how you've gone your whole life driving a car without singing along to this song. Ben Rector's crazy talented self continues to write music that describes exactly how we all want life to be. A perfect care-free road trip with the love of your life in the passenger seat. Listen to this song and relive good times or live vicariously through the lyrics. Either way, this song will be on repeat the whole way to your destination.

2) "Electric Love" by BORNS

This song requires the windows and (if possible) the sun roof to be opened. Sing along whether you know the words or not because the tune is catchy and there is something about it that makes you smile. The vocals are not-so-typical and perfectly fitting for the song. It's artistic, sweet and different than anything you've heard before. But don't just take our opinion, you should listen to it for yourself.

3) "Life Changes" by Thomas Rhett

Sometimes you just need a little country music in your playlist. Especially if you're driving back to your SEC school after being home for the weekend. Also, if you aren't obsessed with Thomas Rhett yet, you're running late to the party. He's the new voice of country music and his songs are perfectly catchy. This song is filled with feel-good lyrics and some nice acoustic guitar action. What else could you ask for from a road trip song? While you're downloading this song, go ahead and follow him on Instagram too and see who all these sweet songs are about. His wife and kids are precious! Sorry for the fangirl moment.

4) "You Know It" by Colony House

This group, led by Christian singer Steven Curtis Chapman's two sons, Caleb and Will, describes themselves as an "indie rock quartet." They've got the good vibes, electric guitars and crazy drum solos, and the perfect harmony of a jazz quartet. The talent in this band speaks for itself. The lyrics in this song are quite literally perfect for the occasion. This song is simultaneously about the feelings of the best road trip and missing the one you left at home and assuring them you'll be home soon. The band members wrote this song for their wives and that's just totally swoon worthy.

5) "I Like Me Better" by Lauv

Does anyone else want to take a spontaneous road trip to New York after listening to this song? This song is ridiculously simple and romantic without being a ballad and that just breaks all the rules, right? But we are totally okay with that. You'll love this song and it will make you think of that special someone and all the adventures that await the two of you. Perhaps in New York. Maybe listen to this song on the way.

6) "Cry Pretty" by Carrie Underwood

Nobody sings like Carrie Underwood and that's just a fact. Just like every other hit she creates, in this song she shows off her incredible ability to belt and whether or not you can match that ability, you should do your best to try. The lyrics are almost too relatable and may cause a few tears you didn't even know you had. All there is to say is, thank you Carrie for this song. It's a masterpiece.

7) "Burnin' Up" by The Jonas Brothers 

If this isn't already on your road trip playlist we are honestly just confused. This song is the "Old Faithful" of car jam sessions. Have you ever been in a car where someone grabbed the aux cord, played this song and people didn't lose their minds? The answer is no. It's classic and perfect and the epitome of the Jonas Brothers, so turn it on and turn it up loud.

8) "Hair" by Little Mix

We love a good girl group here at Her Campus and the ladies in Little Mix have vocal skills for days. This song has a beat that's meant for dancing (good or bad—all are welcome here) and lyrics that are meant for screaming. Whether you've been hurt before or just want to pretend for the 3 minutes and 29 seconds this song is playing for, you and your girlfriends will be thriving as this song blasts through the speakers. 

9) "Wherever You Are" by Ben Rector

For some of us, the drive back to school after a much needed weekend at home can be hard. If you're close with your family, love your hometown or are in a long distance relationship, this song is for you. Warning: this song will get you all in your feels and may cause a few tears, but that's why we love it. 

10) "Fight Song" by Rachel Platten

In my personal opinion, this is the best girl power song of our generation. If you've got a tough week ahead for whatever reason, this song will put you in that girl boss mood. Honestly, Rachel Platten just knows what we need to hear and this song is simply giving us that reminder of "you've got this." So, believe it! But just know that this song is not one that you can listen to passively. It requires a fake microphone and volume that might result in you losing your voice. Sorry, but those are just the rules. You'll understand after listening. 

11) "A Friend Like You" by Andy Grammer

First of all, don't knock it 'til you've tried it. Yes, this song is from the Captain Underpants movie soundtrack, but since when is that a bad thing? Let's all admit that Captain Underpants was exactly what we needed when we needed it, and it undeniably made us laugh. Also, this song is just tender. If you're in the car with your best friends and you have the aux cord right now, let them know how you feel by playing this little tune. It's actually really cute, you guys. This is the Andy Grammer content we need sometimes.

12) "NO" by Meghan Trainor

Whether you like it or not, this song is catchy and you'll have the lyrics memorized in no time. Meghan knows how to make a hit song, y'all. Get your girl power voice on and sing these lyrics like nobody's business and if you're not the one driving, dance along with them too. She speaks the truth in this one and her opinion on creepy boys and how to handle them is something we can all get behind. Thanks for the advice, Meg.

Crank up the volume, roll the windows down and enjoy these new additions to your perfect road trip playlist.