12 Signs That Cardi B. Is Your Spirit Animal

This is the year of Cardi B. If you have not heard about this crazy but amazing woman, then you must be living under a rock. Cardi B. has taken over the game with her infamously funny quotes and music (Bodak Yellow which was #1 on the Billboard Charts for three consecutive weeks and went gold). It’s hard to not love and relate to her. Here are the signs that Cardi B. is your spirit animal:

1.You embrace who you truly are

2. You understand dressing for fashion versus weather

3. You know that you are a strong independent women

4. You have tons of energy

5. You’re not afraid to have confrontations with people

6. You’re a feminist  

7. You’re lit all by yourself

8. You want to avoid jail at all cost

9. You’re a loyal friend and expect the same from them

10. Your hustle comes first before a guy

11. You know how are you work

12. Lastly, you prove the naysayers wrong

Just know that once Cardi B. is your spirit animal, she is your’s...