10 Wholesome Vloggers to Binge

YouTube provides an enormous amount of entertainment to an expansive audience every single day. It has defined our generation in a way that other mediums cannot and only people who really love YouTube understand the joy of finding a new channel to subscribe to. Whether their glamorous and sometimes not-so-glamorous lives provide a temporary distraction from stress, you learn from their testimonies and stories, obsess over their extraordinarily good-looking relationships or watch their videos to relax before bed. Like the community created among fellow subscribers, YouTube is a good place to be—when you're in the right place. Here are some quality-content making, sweet, authentic creators that you should consider watching if you don't aready!

1. Jess and Gabriel Conte

If you've been watching from the start, you've seen Jess and Gabe's story from the beginning. Within the last few years they have gone from dating, engaged, married, adopting a puppy, buying a house, making merch, starting acting careers and creating their own companies. These two cuties are busy-bees and we are so grateful they show us the sweet little slices of life we see in their videos. They're funny, relatable and outspoken about their faith. They discuss topics like prayer, Bible studies and cultivating a loving marriage by knowing Jesus. They also share relationship advice from a very interesting perspective, seeing that they begin as long distance with Gabe living in California and Jess in Australia. 

2. Kristen and Marcus Johns

Friends of the Conte's, Kristen and Marcus are another outspoken Christian couple who share their everyday lives with adoring audiences. Marcus was a popular Viner before the app met its tragic demise. Kristen first appeared on his channel when the couple had been dating for a few months. Now the couple has a shared account and two individual accounts where they create different content to appeal to their different subscribers. They are aesthetic to the point that it seems impossible and they also have two golden retrievers, so they are pretty much living their best lives. Their wedding video pretty much sums up every girl's dream wedding Pinterest board, and you just have to see it to believe me. 

3. Hannah Meloche

First of all, she's gorgeous. Her vlogs contain lots of sweet and wholesome family content, a pretty chill senior year schedule, sponsored trips, LOTS of hauls and everything in between. Thankfully, so many of the content creators with young female audiences are aware of their influence and are body positive and spread lots of love. Hannah is no different. She's authentic and also has some really cool merch! We shall see if she decides to make the big move to LA like every other young YouTuber seems to be doing after they graduate, but we lowkey hope not because we like her videos just the way they are.  

4. Haley Pham 

This girl is the perfect amount of relatable and cringy teen, while still being way cooler than we could ever wish to be. Much like every other vlogger, she drinks an insane amount of Starbucks Pink Drinks. She is well-known for her humorous editing style and her transformation videos. She is currently dating a fellow YouTuber, Ryan Trahan, which provides plenty of adorable couple content. She is open about her personal life and her goal to use her YouTube success to take care of her family and buy her mom a house in the future. She is just the right amount of quirky that we love and oh-so-genuine. Her joy radiates to her subscribers and that is why they keep coming back. 

5. Danielle Carolan

Our very own Georgia Bulldog YouTuber has reached half a million subscribers this year and her "college week in my life" videos are loved by her audience. She is always on the go and encourages productivity and "staying on that grind." Watching her videos can be relaxing and also a little stressful when you realize the only thing you've accomplished is watching her video. Her aesthetic Instragram account contains many Athens spots you are sure to recognize and on the weekends she often takes trips to exciting places like New York and LA, which provides some pretty cool content. She is a positive influencer with a good attitude and excitement for life, which is good for her younger female audience to look up to. Our only complaint might be that her luxurious lifestyle sometimes shows college life through rose-colored glasses. 

6. Madelaine Petsch

This stunning red-haired influencer might be more well-known for her role as Cheryl Blossom in Riverdale, but her YouTube is on the up and up. With a combination of sit-down videos and vlogs, her channel has lots to offer. Sometimes we get some behind-the-scenes content of the set, which makes me wish that someone in the cast of all my favorite television shows had a YouTube channel. We see what the star does on her days off, makeup routines and in the video below we learn a secret talent from our fave girl, Lili Reinhart. 

7. Safiya Nygaard

This YouTuber came to fame a few years ago when she worked for everyone's favorite and reliable website, BuzzFeed. She starred in many of their most popular videos and then, like many other employees, quit BuzzFeed. By then she had her own set of devoted fans and her channel continues to grow. She is recently engaged and loves to make videos that you just don't see anywhere else, like mixing a hundred different lipstick colors from all different brands to see what ultimate color you end up with. She seems to rock every hair length she tries and really wears black lipstick like nobody's business. 

8. Cole and Savannah Labrant

YouTube is full of #relationshipgoals couples and the picture perfect lives of Cole and Sav are no exception. Their lives with their daughter Everleigh and new baby Posie are defined by both ends of the spectrum; dirty diapers and constant trips to Disneyland. Much like the other couples mentioned in this article, these two stand out amongst their colleagues for being vocal about their faith and showing their Sunday church-going routine. They are both just ridiculously beautiful people and they also seem like pretty cute parents. Warning: they love clickbait. 

9. Ellie Thumann

In the YouTube community, there are often friend groups who collab together and go on ridiculously cool brand deal-sponsored trips. Ellie Thumann is among one of these groups and while it's a lifestyle that is quite nearly impossible to attain, it is quite entertaining. She is a teenage vlogger who shows aspects of her real life, which includes school work, working out and getting A LOT of coffee as well as documenting the more insane and magical parts of a YouTuber's life. 

10. Thoraya Maronesy 

I discovered this unique YouTube channel one day by accident. It showed up on my list of suggestions and boy am I glad it did. This aspiring videographer decided to use YouTube as her medium to share stories and spread love. In each video, you see a montage of strangers answering a thought-provoking and often heart-warming question. Sometimes she simply compliments the strangers and films their reactions, showing how far a few kind words can go. Other times she challenges these lucky volunteers to do something out of their comfort zone, like asking out their crush. These videos and the purpose behind them are sure to bring a smile to your face.

We hope you enjoy these suggestions and find somebody new to binge and obsess over. Have fun on your YouTube deep dive and as always, watch out for clickbait!