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10 Ways To Stay Safe This Halloween: From Navigating Parties to Walking Around Campus

Halloween is a fun holiday that allows for dressing up, decorating and partying. As fun as this holiday is, there are definite safety concerns to keep in mind when celebrating. Here are ten ways you can stay safe this Halloween, while still having fun!

1. Walking with a buddy or group

Walking with a group of people lowers the risk of danger of walking at night. Keeping close friends together may intimidate predators looking for trouble.

2. Carry a flashlight

Some areas on campus or in neighborhoods have low visibility, so make sure you’re able to navigate around the area safely. Shining a light also allows cars to see you when you’re walking near a road.

3. Download Noonlight

Noonlight is a downloadable app that exists purely for your safety. If you are in a situation where you feel in danger, open the app and trigger the alarm. Police will be on their way to assist.

4. Keep campus police on speed dial

Campus police are also available in situations you feel uncomfortable in. The UGA campus police number is (706) 542-2200.

5. Keep your drink close at all times/BYOB

Never leave a drink unattended at a party—this increases the risk of being drugged or to a lesser offense, tricked (Halloween prank). You can also bring your own drink to be cautious and keep it in your purse or bag.

6. Have a meet up point in case you get separated

It is always pertinent to have a place of meet up at a Halloween party in case you all get separated. In case someone is in a panic and looking for the group he/she can text a meet up message or wait until the group meets at a designated time.

7. Carry a whistle or loud alarm

A loud device can be used to warn off predators by drawing attention to yourself and shock them.

8. Have a designated sober friend/know your limit

In case you are of legal age and decide to drink an alcoholic beverage, know how much you can handle. There are charts you can use to see how much you can drink without getting drunk, based on weight. Have a designated sober friend and driver to take care of those who do decide to drink and is able to call out any situation they deem unsafe.

9. Stay in populated areas

Populated areas have witnesses. Predators will be less likely to attack groups in populated areas due to the fear of being seen.

10. Have self-defense measures

If you want to be extra safe, decide to invest in a taser or pepper spray. These items will award you momentary protection, long enough for you to run away. Use this as a last resort and try any means to escape before.

Have fun this Halloween, but make sure to put your safety first.

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