10 Thoughts On The First Episode Of "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina"

Netflix has been releasing some amazing shows lately. The much-anticipated part one of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premiered on Netflix on October 26th. Ever since the news of it's making reached us, we've been waiting anxiously for the day of the premiere to finally be upon us. Now that it's here, we have a full ten episodes to entertain us through the week of Halloween. So much goes on in the first ten episodes that there's no shortage of things to talk about. Here are ten thoughts we had when watching the first episode of the show.

1. We're loving the spooky aesthetic of Greendale

Greendale is spooky af, especially around Halloween. We're loving the retro-spooky vibes that the city gives off in places such as the old theater that Sabrina and her friends are watching a classic horror movie in at the beginning of the episode when we first meet them. 

2. Harvey & Sabrina are freakin' adorable

We loved Harvey and Sabrina in the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch and we love them even more in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. They do so many cute things together such as going to movies and going apple picking. They are a ship-worthy couple from episode one. 

3. Some dark stuff is going on here

It's clear from the very beginning that there are some sinister things going on in Greendale. There are some dark forces that Sabrina knows about and some that she doesn't know about. We look forward to seeing how everything in Sabrina's life unravels and how she deals with all these obstacles coming her way. 

4. Ambrose brings the sass we all didn't know we needed

Ambrose is Sabrina's sassy cousin that is here to deliver comic relief throughout the intense journey that we accompany Sabrina on. From the first episode, Ambrose quickly becomes a favorite for his sass, much like Salem the cat in the original Sabrina. 

5. Kiernan Shipka is goals

We loved Kiernan Shipka's portrayal of Sally Draper in Mad Men and we love to see her in a more adult role such as Sabrina. It's great to see her taking on more complicated and adult roles and embrace the Sabrina aesthetic. 

6. Oh crap, what happened to Sabrina's parents? 

The weird sisters strongly imply that Sabrina's parents, Edward and Diana, didn't die in an accident like Sabrina was lead to believe. When she goes to ask her aunts about it, her Aunt Zelda dismisses her and tells her to drop the subject. We then see Hilda and Zelda looking pretty guilty about something. The question is, what do they know about the death of Sabrina's parents and will we ever find out what it is? 

7. We're digging the subtle nods to the original comic 

You may not know this but the original Chilling Adventures of Sabrina comics were set during the 1960's. Throughout the first episode, there are subtle nods to the 50's and 60's accomplished through music and wardrobe choices. It's great that these elements are included in the show as a way to pay tribute to the original comics. 

8. Our new favorite insult is "Succubitches." 

We thoroughly enjoyed the creative insults that were used throughout. We all couldn't help from laughing when Sabrina calls the weird sisters 'succubitches.' This just adds to the strong personality of Sabrina that we've come to enjoy. 

9. Sabrina is a badass 

Sabrina is the definition of a strong woman. Not only does she stick up for herself on many occasions, but she also sticks up for her friends. Throughout the entirety of the first episode, she's worried about leaving her friends behind in a repressive school so she does everything in her power to make sure they are taken care of when she leaves.  

10. Which world will Sabrina choose? 

This is the big question. Will Sabrina choose to fully embrace being a witch, or will she fight to keep her humanity? This tension is constantly played at during the first episode, leaving us to wonder what will happen next. 

There are ten episodes featured in part one of the show that are all full of creepy storylines that will keep us coming back for more. We can't wait for more episodes!