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10 Leaf-Changing Songs You Need for Autumn

The beginning of autumn calls for new music to fill up your leaf changing days. Autumn is a time where school is often the main priority for students, and there’s an anticipation that we feel in the air. Like most of us, I enjoy creating Spotify playlists regarding my mood or what I’m currently listening to. This autumn season is different from what we are used to because of COVID-19, which is why this is the best time to make a playlist that will soothe our autumn stresses. Here are descriptions of each song and why you should listen to them during this odd time of our lives:

“we fell in love in october” by girl in red

A contemporary classic for this generation, this song tells a modern love story between two girls in a fall setting. It’s a twist on a love story that better fits this generation’s relationships. While listening to this song, it immediately transfers you to a typical autumn setting. I promise this song will be stuck in your head with the line “my girl, my girl, you will be my girl” in a loop. 

“exile” by Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver

A track from the fall album of this year, Folklore! It creates a haunting vibe throughout the song. It describes the moment when two ex-lovers see each other after some time following their break-up. The different voices serve as a contrast to the views of the relationship between them. Bon Iver features in this track, and we all know he basically represents an autumn gloomy atmosphere to his music. 


“Two Ghosts” by Harry Styles

We can’t forget Harry after mentioning Taylor Swift. This song from his HS1 solo album describes the internal changes he and an ex-lover have gone through since their break-up. He uses the word “ghosts” to metaphorically describe the distance between him and his ex-lover, essentially stating that they are now both strangers to each other. This song has a country yet indie feel to it.

“Autumn Leaves” by The Walters 

This song is a comforting love letter to a former lover expressing his regret of being a coward when they were together. The singer compares his transformation to leaves since he has changed from before causing him to appear in a new light. This song produces a calming feel and talks about change for the better. 

“Oh Klahoma” by Jack Stauber 

This is a trendy song that received popularity through a Tik Tok trend of people dressing up like ghosts in a white sheet mask and taking pictures in everyday places. Regarding this, it ultimately gives off a ghostly feel. This song talks about an individual’s fear and how they think they are perceived from their lover because of that fear. 

“Boredom” by Tyler, The Creator feat. Anna of the North & Rex Orange County

This song is a relatable track from Tyler, The Creator’s hit album, Flower Boy. It narrates a state of loneliness, a common stigma around this time of the year. Although this song does not exactly talk about autumn, it just has that atmosphere. 

“Autumn Leaves” by BTS

This is an underrated track from BTS that metaphorically tells a break-up story in the form of the two ex-lovers falling like leaves from a tree. It’s a fast-paced track from one of their older albums that mostly features one of their rappers, Suga. Unlike most autumn sounding songs, this one mostly focuses on leaves that are brown and withering rather than the colorful ones we are used to. It’s a gloomy song that does not sound gloomy at first listen.  


“Wonder” by Shawn Mendes

Add the newest single from Shawn Mendes to your playlist! A heavenly piece that reflects the state of his relationship with Camilla Cabello and how it feels to be loved in general (but mostly by her). This song also is the debut of Shawn’s new long hair which is an important topic. Autumn is expressed in this track by defining it as a season of reflection.


“Drunk on Halloween” by Wallows

This song is a nostalgic single from rising indie band, Wallows. It tells a realistic story of a lover’s quarrel ultimately ending in a break-up. Throughout the song, the singer hints that all of this is happening during a Halloween party. It’s a catchy and peculiar song that is an autumn must.


“cardigan” by Taylor Swift

For the grand finale, there is another Folklore track. This song immediately transforms you into a middle-aged woman standing on your porch on a windy day overlooking your yard and yanking your robe or cardigan tightly when feeling a slight breeze. It is one of three perspectives from the love triangle story she tells throughout the album. 


Autumn is just starting, and it’s time to relish in all things that represent it while you are listening to these awesome songs. Don’t forget to check out the Spotify playlist, HerCampus:Fall to get this playlist easily added for your autumn-filled days! 

Alma is a fourth-year at UGA double majoring in PR and Political Science. She is a coffee addict and loves going to concerts.
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