10 Classic Christmas Films to Watch this Season

During one of the busiest times of the year, there is nothing better than kicking back with a warm blanket and a cup of cocoa and watching a classic Christmas movie. This winter, enjoy yourself while procrastinating by watching these top ten holiday films.

1. The Santa Clause ​

Tim Allen stars in this staple Christmas film as the man who unknowingly killed Santa and had to take his place as the well-loved holiday hero. This film is part of a trilogy following Scott Calvin (aka Santa Clause) and his adventures acclimating to the life up north. Spend a day curled up watching this series as it can bring you back to some good childhood memories.

2. The Polar Express 

Aside from not receiving a Hogwart's letter, there is no greater disappointment than discovering that you couldn't get a golden train ticket to Santa's workshop as a child. The Polar Express brings to life a children's book about a boy who accepts a magical train ride to find himself in the land of Santa Clause with other children. Another magical movie filled with a fun soundtrack and great graphics—it's a very aesthetically pleasing film to watch.

3. Die Hard

Possibly the greatest addition to any holiday list, Die Hard is a great movie to add a little action to your viewing time. It is a fast-paced action movie that is based around Christmas time, and has a plethora of references along the way to look out for. 

4. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Whether you watch the old version or the one currently in theaters, How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a great cinematic recreation of a beloved Dr. Seuss book. The Grinch is a character that all can relate to in this whirlwind of a season, when the sugary sweet cheer can get on your last nerve. But his change to a big heart is what we all need during this time, and the movie is a fun way to follow that journey.

5. A Christmas Carol (& The Man Who Invented Christmas)

Lewis Carroll's A Christmas Carol is a short story that over the years has been adapted into a variety of different films, from CGI to a Mickey Mouse version. Recently, there has also been a film, The Man Who Invented Christmas, that actually follows the journey of Mr. Carroll as he writes his short story and the near hallucinations that he experiences during it. Both films are great to watch, and you can get a little history in with all the magic!    

6. A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Charlie Brown comics have many years of history, and the variety of cartoon renditions are great to either watch or play in the background of a family gathering. Probably one of the most wholesome movies of this list, it's a great example to help remind us all what Christmas is really about.

7. A Christmas Story

​A Christmas Story is a film that people of all ages have grown up with, whether it is your grandparents or your toddler. It is a sweet story that follows the adventures of little Ralphie as he fights his bullies and strives to get what he wants most for Christmas. It also provides some great gift ideas (who wouldn't want a pink bunny onesie?)

8.​ Elf

No Christmas movie list would be complete without the movie Elf. This movie is about a family that follows the exploits of Buddy the Elf as he journeys into the human world to find his dad. This light-hearted film is a great laugh, and if you're really in the spirit you could try some of the eccentric recipes in it (chocolate spaghetti anyone?).

9.  Krampus

This is the wild card film of the list, for those who enjoy a frightening jump scare sort of film. On a rather darker note, Krampus tells the tale of its namesake Krampus, a beast who punishes bad children at Christmas time.  When the Engel family loses its holiday spirit due to pointless squabbles, Krampus comes out and terrorizes them all, leading them to an uncertain fate.  Although not a heartwarming film, it at least gives a varied taste from the typical plot lines and shows some interesting folklore.

10. Love Actually

To wrap up the list is a classic Christmas time love mash-up, Love Actually. In a time full of magic and bright lights, there is the perfect time to set up a variety of sweet love stories like those in this film. Either with a significant other or your best pals, it's a great love-filled film to enjoy during the season.

Even though finals may be draining you of whatever spirit you have, try taking a break to enjoy a few of these films and get excited for the season!