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1. Aries- Business

Aries are natural-born leaders. They are ambitious and confident, which are two traits that business majors need. Aries is not afraid to be loud to get the job done and often likes to be the leader of a group.

2. Taurus- Environmental Science

As an Earth sign, Tauruses love everything there is about the environment. They would love to work toward saving the planet and learn more about the environment in general. This major requires someone who is dedicated and won’t back down from trying to save the planet, which is why Taurus is the perfect fit. 

3. Gemini- Journalism

Geminis are constantly talking about whatever to whoever will listen. Geminis are ruled by Mercury, a planet known for communication. In journalism a lot of reporting, interviewing and building connections takes place. A Gemini would be perfect in this field because they love talking and getting along with everyone.  

4. Cancer- Education

Cancers are the most compassionate and nurturing of the signs. They love to make people feel comfortable and safe. These characteristics are so important for future teachers. A Cancer would make their classroom a safe space for all their students and always be there to support them. 

5. Leo- Pre-Med

Pre-med students never fail to inform everyone else that they’re pre-med. This is why it would be the perfect major for a Leo. It is an impressive and often unforgettable major that will also serve as Leo’s only personality trait. They love to be the center of attention, and this major ensures that. 

6. Virgo- Computer Science

Computer science is a major that is extremely practical and detail-oriented, comparable to a Virgo. Virgos tend to focus on details and are very hard-working. Computer science is not an easy major, but a Virgo will put in the work until they understand the material. Virgos are able to easily pick up on patterns and love a good challenge. 

7. Libra- Political Science

Libras are known to be very outgoing and well-liked people. Even though they have a fun side, they are intelligent and persuasive. Political science majors need to be able to have great communication skills and be very persuasive, whether in political debates or in a courtroom. This major is the perfect track to law school for a Libra. 

8. Scorpio- Psychology 

Scorpios are intense thinkers and have a passion for helping others. They are able to understand what someone is going through and easily problem solve. Scorpios are also very passionate, so they are truly dedicated to making sure that they are helping someone. They also have a lot of empathy, which they can channel to help people. 

9. Sagittarius- Architecture

Sagittarius is the most independent of the signs. They like to do what they want when they want and are often very adventurous. Although architecture may not seem like the most adventurous field there is out there, it allows for a lot of creative work that Sagittarius appreciates. This sign likes having the creative freedom that architecture warrants. 

10. Capricorn- Engineering

Workaholic is one word to describe both Capricorns and engineers. Engineering is difficult and time-consuming, no matter what type of engineering it is. Capricorns are born workers. They thrive off ambition. They will reach their goal no matter how long it will take or how hard it is. This is the dedication and drive needed to take on a difficult major like engineering. 

11. Aquarius- Telecommunication

Aquarius is a sign that loves to be free and creative. Telecommunication allows for someone to express their ideas through video. There is almost no restrictive limit to what someone can create using film. Aquarians are free-spirited and need a way to show that through film and let their creativity shine. 

12. Pisces- Photography 

Photography is more than just taking pictures. It is about capturing a moment that conveys a certain message and emotion. When photography is done right it makes the viewer feel a strong emotion. This sign is emotionally sensitive and aware of everything going on around them. They are able to capture moments that other signs may not be so in touch with. A Pisces will always try to be the most sympathetic person in the room.  

Alyssa is a second-year journalism major at the University of Florida. Her dream career would be to incorporate her love of environmental science with her love of writing. In her free time, Alyssa enjoys cooking, working out, and watching Community. When she isn't in class, you can usually find her at a coffee shop or thrift store.
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