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Your Impending Graduation, as Told by How I Met Your Mother

Graduation season is upon us, which means every senior's emotional volatility is at an all-time high. Facing the facts of the fast approaching “real world” is enough to make anyone more sensitive than usual. Here are only a few of the emotions these future graduating Gators are sure to experience.

Your college years are coming to a close.

At first, you can’t help but be in denial that these past few years have flown by so quickly.

You keep trying to push it out of your mind, but the realization always comes back to haunt you.

And then the only appropriate reaction is utter horror.

The thought of having a “real world job” gives you extreme anxiety.

As does landing a well-paying job… turns out most places of employment have high expectations for attendance (unlike a majority of your college courses).

Impressing potential future employers with wit and charm is no walk in the park either.

Especially when your future looks as strong as Ted’s carpentry skills.

When adults ask about post-graduation plans, you only get more annoyed.

Receiving those pesky graduation announcement reminders only further propels you into shock.

And seeing it is time to “Apply to Graduate” results in an internal instinct to run away.

You catch the feels when you reminisce about the good times you’ve had with your friends.

And even the most trivial things drown you in waves of emotions, like the thought of leaving your roommates, the luxury of sleeping in when you have 11:45 a.m. class or even the food at your favorite local restaurant.

There isn’t a lot of time left, so making every night out one to remember is crucial. You make sure that even the most average days are exciting.

But when you’re not living it up, reality looks a little more like this…

On the bright side, at least there will never be any more exams to take.

Or term papers to write. Can I get an amen?

Finally, you just have to accept that some of the best years of your life are coming to a close. But it’s important to look forward to what the future holds.

Although these next few weeks might be an emotional rollercoaster, make sure to enjoy every remaining moment of college the best you can, collegiettes! It’s all (unfortunately) going to pass all too soon.

Photo credit: cdn1.theodysseyonline.com

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