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You Know You’re A Gator Girl When…


Hey Collegiettes! You know you’re a Gator Girl when… 

… You have more orange and blue in your wardrobe than you’d like to admit.

… Your 21st birthday sign made only made sense to you and your closest friends.

… Gameday starts at 8 a.m., even if kickoff isn’t until 7 p.m. (Yes, that’s Ryan Lochte on the left).

… Every trip to campus results in a battle with scooter hair (and you’ve probably lost). 

… You’ve taken a picture at Cantina with a Gator basketball player…

… You run stadiums in hopes of seeing the football team leaving the weight room.


… Rain boots and shorts are always okay.

… You’ve spilled a trenta passion fruit Tazo tea in Carleton Auditorium while you were sitting at the top.

… You see at least three Gator athletes in line at Chick-fil-A each day.

… Ryan Lochte heads to Midtown more often than you do.

… “Studying” at Library West really just means you’re scoping out the guys.

… Wearing frat tanks and Nike shorts or yoga pants around campus is socially acceptable (all of the time).

… You meet your new best friend on the Later Gator at 3 a.m.

… You live on the Chipotle diet — Chipotle on Mondays, Tijuana Flats on Tuesdays, and Chipotle every other day of the week.

… Singing “We are the Boys” gives you goose bumps. Every. Single. Time.

Journalism major with a minor in education. Currently a copywriter for Infinite Energy. Twitter handle: @DiadysFig
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