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You Know You’re an Awkward Gator When…

If you’re a UF student, you’ve most likely encountered at least a few of these circumstances during your day-to-day life on campus. Although, they’re not entirely avoidable, we should all acknowledge their existence and collectively sympathize over how cringe-worthy these situations are. You know you’re an awkward Gator when…

You walk through North Lawn and have to pretend that a near-death incident with a speeding bicycle didn’t just give you a heart attack.

You dress in boots and jeans because the weather apps says 45 degrees in the morning but feel incredibly overdressed when it hits 85 degrees by noon.

You wait in line at the Library West Starbucks for 45 minutes, get to the cashier, and realize you left your wallet at home.

You swipe into Southwest Recreation Center and respond to the cheerful staff greeting of, “Have a great workout!” with, “Thanks. You too!”

You accidently step onto the wrong bus and have to play it cool when you get off at the next stop.

You feel judged by the Gator Dining staff each time you pass the dessert station waiting for fresh cookies.

You sit down in the Reitz Union Food Court for lunch and agree to take a “short survey” that slowly turns into a 30-minute lecture on the Gospel. 

You run into your Calculus TA at a student event, hope they don’t recognize you, and internally die when you make eye contact.

You say, “Just grabbing coffee!” to the security guard who wishes you a goodnight when you’re up late at Library West.

You walking through Turlington Plaza and see someone you think you know but realize you’re wrong and have to pass off your wave as an elaborate hair fix.

You contact your professor through Sakai and have a last-minute panic attack because you thought you accidently sent the email to the entire class.

You find yourself jamming a little too hard to the music in your headphones on your way to class and suddenly remember you’re in public.

You wake up and have to figure out where you are and what time and day it is after accidently falling asleep in Marston Science Library.

Your stomach growls loud enough for everyone to hear while you take an exam in a dead-silent lecture hall like Carleton Auditorium.

You hold the door open a little too early for an approaching student, making it less helpful and more uncomfortable.

At the end of the day, just smile and wave, collegiettes™! These tricky situations are a part of life, and knowing that they’re not a big deal will let you laugh about them later. Embrace the awkwardness!

Antara Sinha is a sophomore journalism/pre-med major at the University of Florida. She is a contributing writer for USA Today College, and this is her third semester as a writer for Her Campus UFL. Her interests include health, science and lifestyle writing, and she plans on pursing medical and science journalism.
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