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#WomanCrushWednesday: Kristen Wiig

There are beautiful women and then there are beautiful, funny women. Whether it’s appearing in one of the most iconic shows in television history or creating and starring in a breakout movie, this Wednesday’s woman crush has set the bar high. Kristen Wiig’s career has been exemplary. Not only has she made us laugh, but she’s also made us cry and in some cases, gasp in shock and delight. Here’s why she’s our woman crush this Wednesday.

She fearlessly stands up for what she believes in.

She co-wrote the script to one of the best comedies of all time: Bridesmaids.

She was a memorable and irreplaceable cast member of Saturday Night Live for seven years.

Her role in Sia’s killer performance at this year’s Grammy’s surprised everyone.

In case you forgot how enviably well-connected she is, her BFF is Maya Rudolph.

She’s a total boss and is currently preparing for her first directing role.

Her personality, both onstage and on screen, always shines bright.

She’s set to star in the Ghostbusters remake we’re all anxiously waiting for.

Her laid-back personality doesn’t let things bring her down.

She’s a crush you can always look up to.

Alexia Fernandez is a senior at the University of Florida. A journalism major, she has been interested in films, books and pop culture since she can remember. An avid film buff, she hopes to one day write screenplays, make films and tell stories through as many mediums as possible.
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