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Wish List Wisdom: Know What You Want

For most of us, this is not only the best time of the year — it’s the craziest. We’ve got finals, projects, and papers constantly. You know the holiday break is right around the corner and as excited you are for the break, you’re just trying to make it out of fall semester alive.

At times it can be hard because you see all your Facebook friends posting about how they’re “FINALLY DONE” and because all of your friends and family members are asking what you want for Christmas, instantly pulling you out of study mode and into break mode.

Now, you probably either fall into one of two categories: you’ve either known exactly what you’ve wanted for Christmas since September and have a list made out with the stores your desired gifts can be found and pictures of each item. Or you’ve been so focused on school and all the stuff of you’ve had to, that you haven’t had any time to think about what you want.

If you fall in the latter category, you may be thinking, “People really make Christmas lists out months in advance? Are you sure you’re not exaggerating?” But you can trust me, I’m not. I have friends who do that.
For those of us who were studying in September instead of making wish lists, having a bunch of presents in mind to tell people when they ask what you want just isn’t a reality.

However, there are some ways to remedy this situation. It may seem narcissistic to be worried about not knowing what you want for Christmas, but you have to admit it does make things easier if you know what you want.  Here are some ways to figure out what you can tell people you want when they ask.

If the person asking you is the type of person who hates picking out gifts for people, if possible, offer to go shopping with them. It will be a nice study break and stress reliever for you, and that person won’t have to stress out about trying to find a gift for you.  Plus, you get to go shopping.

If it’s a close friend, sister or your mom asking and she knows that what kinds of things you like, tell her what stores you like and generally what item you would like – clothes, jewelry, DVDs, new phone, etc. Then, she can have fun picking something out for you, and you’ll be somewhat surprised by the gift. I would suggest not using this approach for guys if you want clothes, unless you happen to be one of the lucky girls with a guy in your life who can pick out clothes you’ll like.

If your significant other is asking, consider the price of things when you tell him something you want. As tempting as it can be to say a bracelet from Tiffany’s, that’s way out of the price range of most college guys. So, be kind, and don’t put him in an awkward position. Jewelry is the stereotypical, traditional gift for guys to get their girlfriends, and that’s a tradition we’re OK with never changing.  Tell your boyfriend you want a piece of costume jewelry; this is one that would probably be best if you picked out though.

That’s true for friends also. While most people wouldn’t ask their friends for a gift from Tiffany’s, still be aware of prices. Your friend is probably buying a lot of other friends and family gifts too.

If it’s a grandparent asking and you’ll see them before Christmas, offer to go shopping with them. They’ll love spending time with you.

Another thing you can try is shopping online. You can either look online and tell someone to buy it for you or say this is the type of thing you would like, so they can know what to look for when they hit the stores.

Try not to say money or gift cards because there are a lot of people, myself being one of them, that don’t want to just give someone money or a gift card. However, if that person says that’s what they want to give you and you don’t mind, then go with it.

Another thing to avoid saying is, “I’ll love whatever you get me!” While a sweet comment, that can make the gift buyer very frustrated and leave them just as lost as they were before they asked. Plus, we all know that’s not true.

So, start thinking about what gifts you want… in between studying, of course.

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