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Winsome Warbles: Two Ladies and Their Guitars


Congratulations, collegiettes! You've made it to Spring Break! As you revel in your newfound freedom, I have two albums perfect for relaxing from two fabulous women: Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor.

Ingrid Michaelson, Be Okay 
I am sure you know the title track from this album, but even if it still makes you think of a commercial, you should give the album as a whole a try. Unlike her newest album Human Again, which is definitely more serious with its fuller instrumentation, Be Okay is lighter, airier, and generally happier — the one exception is “Giving Up,” but it does not detract from the overall feel.  It is certainly one of the happiest sounding albums I have in my music collection. If you want to get the familiar songs out of the way while listening, you’ll recognize the two versions (regular studio and acoustic) of “Be Okay,” her lovely cover of “Over the Rainbow,” and possibly “The Way I Am.” My personal favorite is “You and I,” which is one of my favorite driving songs.

Regina Spektor, Begin to Hope 
If you don’t already know Spektor’s music, you either love it or you hate it. I have never felt apathetic towards one of her songs. My favorite album, Far, does not fit this week’s theme, but Begin to Hope does.  There is more emotional variation in this album than there is in Be Okay. As a whole, it is light and happy enough for sipping mimosas on the beach. Personally, I would just put the album in and let it play all the way through instead of jumping around — the emotions of each song balance out the ones before and after it, almost like a gentle wave up and down. My personal favorites on this album are “Fidelity” and “Lady,” but the album as a whole is quite enjoyable.

So, dear collegiettes, sit back, sip your piña colada, and enjoy music that set the mood for ten days of freedom from the stresses of college.

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