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Winsome Warbles: Music is the Food of Love

Hey there collegiettes, and welcome to Winsome Warbles!

If you are anything like me, your iPod or mp3 player provides a constant background to your life — after all, who doesn’t like walking to class and feeling like you have a your own soundtrack? It certainly makes my too-early walk to class better. And if you are a music nut like me, even though you always have at least 8 gigabytes of music on you, you’re always searching for more.

That’s where I can help! Top 40 is everywhere. I’m not saying it doesn’t have its perks, but there is more to music than what the DJ plays. What you can expect from me is recommendations for artists and songs that you may not hear about often but won’t stop listening to once you do.

Everyone knows that P!nk’s new album dropped recently, but have you listened to Imagine Dragons’ Night Visions or The Handsome Bandit’s adorable little EP?

So see you next time for some music that you wish you know about already!

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