Why You Should Consider Graduating Early

As spring graduation encroaches upon us ever so surely, my sorority has been having it’s annual senior weeksfilled with fun events for the graduating seniors. Sadly, I will never be able to take part in these events because I have decided to graduate early. When I tell people this, they automatically think I’m crazy for wanting to leave the college atmosphere that so many people dread leaving, so much that sometimes they even stay for a fifth year. I, on the other hand, am ready to go out on my own and I cannot wait until I graduate this upcoming December. Here are some of the reasons it is a good idea to graduate early.

Head Start Searching for Jobs
Graduating in December is definitely not the normal choice made by college students across the nation, but some colleges do offer this option to the select few who decide to take them up on it. I am one of those few. I have been taking 18-credit semesters in order to finish both my major and my minor in time for the December deadline. I know so many people that have had difficult times finding jobs following their spring graduation, with one of the reasons being the thousands of college students who are also are searching for those dream jobs in big cities. As someone who wants to go into PR in the fashion industry of New York City, I know that to even have a chance of standing out among the thousands, I needed to give something up — my senior spring. By graduating in December there will definitely still be tons of competition, but it won’t be the huge amounts that would be encountered during the spring graduation time.

Ability to Travel Before Working
Another reason that people may decide to opt for an early graduation is to be able to experience a semester of traveling abroad if they never had the opportunity to study abroad. These people could use the money that they had saved for their college spring semester to go abroad and see everything that the world has to offer. They wouldn’t feel as guilty about spending the money because they would already have a diploma. Plus, they could still begin applying for jobs for when they finish their traveling adventure.

Establishing Yourself in the Real World
You may decide to graduate early because you are ready to be taken seriously by everyone around you. You may be ready to have a diploma and move out on your own. True, college helps students to become independent. But it isn’t the same as moving far away from your family in order to find where you belong in the world, whether that be from finding a job, or just finding the city that you want to establish yourself in.

You’re Just Ready
Maybe when you think about graduating early, you don’t have one specific reason as to why you want to do it. Maybe you just have a feeling that it’s time. Maybe you’re exhausted of college and the undeniable drama that comes along with it. Maybe you’re ready to see what else is out there, or maybe you’re just ready to begin a life somewhere else. Maybe you just feel like you fit into the college atmosphere anymore, and, trust me, that’s okay. Some people are ready to leave much sooner than others, but this just means you’re growing up and that’s nothing to be ashamed of. You should be proud of yourself for having grown up so much so quickly in college.

So collegiettes, if you’re ready to graduate earlier than the four years it takes most people, then grab your cap and gown and prepare to take on the world. You’ve got this.


Photo Credits: Pinterest.com