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Why This Season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Was Actually the Most Dramatic Thing Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Bachelor in Paradise was this summer’s most insane and dramatic TV show, filled with cat fights and love triangles. With these twists and turns, viewers never knew what was coming. After the final roses were handed out and couples said their goodbyes, so much more drama happened behind the scenes.

As many fans of the franchise knew, star of the season Dean Unglert was leading two very beautiful women on. Dean had Kristina Schulman and Danielle Lombard wrapped around his fingers all throughout production of the season. Kristina and Danielle are no strangers to fighting over the same man as they were both former contestants on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor. This was slightly different though. Bachelor in Paradise is known for couples becoming engaged and happy. So many things were off about Dean’s involvement with both women.

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The season began so sweet with Kristina and Dean instantly hitting it off, bonding over their tragic childhoods. But when “D-Lo” was introduced into the scenario, Dean was unable to remain loyal to Kristina. The entire situation was horrible and left a bad taste in viewers’ mouths nation-wide. Dean went from being a fan favorite on Rachel Lindsey’s season of The Bachelorette to becoming a man-whore on Bachelor in Paradise. The tragic love triangle escalated when Dean was unable to break a relationship with either women, taking both women so far in the season. Kristina eventually was sick of the mind games Dean was playing with both women and left the show, which took an emotional toll on Dean. Dean then continued to have a relationship with D-Lo until the very end of the show where he decided to end their relationship because he was allegedly still in love with Kristina.

What happened after Dean left Paradise? Hearsay is all fans can go off at this point in the story. D-Lo went public with information saying Dean immediately called her as soon as he left the show apologizing. Dean said that he was encouraged to say things on camera and D-Lo was inclined to believe him. The two were together but ended things around a week before the reunion show according to D-Lo. She believes that Dean was not talking to Kristina while they were together. Now the world just wants to know if Dean and Kristina are together. Obviously, Bachelor in Paradise set the two up so well to be together, and we were ALL rooting for them, but can they actually work in the real world? D-Lo appears to be out of the picture and Dean has professed his love for Kristina, the BEST person he has ever met. So when will the two become official? Dean and Kristina made a surprise appearance on Bachelor alums’ Ben Higgins and Ashely Laconetti podcast recently to talk about why Dean is just so bad at dating. To put it plainly, he just can’t communicate. Kristina explained that Dean wants all the fun parts of the relationship and none of the emotional and difficult parts. Sometimes things just are complicated. The pair might be in limbo for now, but hopefully Bachelor Nation is able to push them together and they find their happy ending.

Darcy Schild is a University of Florida junior majoring in journalism. She's the Editor-in-Chief of Her Campus UFL and was previously a Her Campus national section editor. She spent Summer 2017 as an Editorial Intern at HC headquarters in Boston, where she oversaw the "How She Got There" section and wrote and edited feature articles and news blogs. She also helped create the weekly Her Campus Instagram Story series, Informed AF. Follow her on Twitter and on her blog, The Darcy Diaries.