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Why Nick Viall Being the New Bachelor is the Worst Thing Ever

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UFL chapter.

Reality TV is my weakness, my guilty pleasure. And The Bachelor is the epitome of reality television. Putting a huge group of women in one house to fight it out over a guy is something I would never participate in, but that’s quality TV for you. If I’m going to be honest though, I was more than a little bit disappointed when ABC announced that Nick Viall would be the next bachelor. He would have probably been my last choice for this season, or any season for that matter. There’s a million reasons, but for the purpose of this article, I’ll only name a few.

1. This is his fourth season.

You read that right, folks. This season is not Nick Viall’s first or second. In fact, it isn’t even his third. He’s been a regular on The Bachelor for two seasons now, appeared in Bachelor in Paradise, and has even been miraculously granted a fourth attempt at love by ABC. Wasn’t the third time supposed to be the charm? Maybe it’s an odd thought, but I feel like it’s safe to assume that if at first, second, and third you don’t succeed, maybe finding love amongst a group of hopefuls on national television isn’t your cup of tea.

2. He’s a little bit of a jerk.

“When I saw Nick in the Bachelor in Paradise, it really changed my opinion of him.” – Every contestant on the first episode.

Did we watch a different Bachelor in Paradise? It seemed like Nick was always stirring the pot on BiP and constantly causing arguments between different cast members, and honestly it left us wondering why he felt the need to be such a drama-queen. I don’t know about you guys, but Bachelor in Paradise presented Nick as somewhat manipulative and nosy. And let’s not get started on the whole Andi Dorfman fiasco. Post-Bachelorette, Nick mentioned having slept with Andi in the Fantasy Suite at the Final Rose special, which, if you’re a Bachelor fan, you would know is a big fat no-no.

3. Luke is just better.

We were annoyed with JoJo for a variety of reasons. The constant crying, the indecisiveness, the FACT THAT SHE ELIMINATED LUKE. Because let’s talk about Luke: he’s a veteran, he plays guitar, and he is possibly the sweetest guy to ever grace the Bachelor mansion. Guys. Can we talk about the fact that he literally made JoJo a couch made of hay? If that wasn’t enough, Luke was the first choice for the newest season of the Bachelor before they switched things up on him and almost literally pulled the rug out right from under him. He had his bags already packed. We were so close. Luke Pell, we hardly knew thee.

I’ll be honest, I’m 100% going to watch the Bachelor regardless. I mean hello? A girl showed up dressed as a shark (or a dolphin?). I will also continue to be slightly salty about the whole thing. I found the first episode to be pretty entertaining, minus the parts where Nick seemed like a total dud. The newest season looks promising enough, but for our sakes, let’s hope that Nick finally find love this time around. (#nofifthseasonpls!)


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