Why is the Kardashian Brand Breaking into the Crime Entertainment Genre?

The Kardashian family brand has extended from reality television to books, make-up, clothing lines, video games and phone apps. Now, the name will be aligned with a more series topic – homicide.

Throughout their run on television, the Kardashian sisters have been no stranger to their share of conflict and drama. If you’ve been keeping up with them lately, then you’ve probably noticed an increase in their spats both on the show and on social media. While these siblings have always found a way to come back together and reconcile, other families aren’t as lucky.

Sometimes sibling squabbles don’t always get resolved. The Investigation Discovery channel is introducing a new true crime television series called Twisted Sisters. Each episode of the series will explore a different murder plot or strange disappearance. The sisters in this show have either worked together to commit the crime or had a deadly dispute.

To the surprise of the entire population well-versed in pop culture, the felonious show is executive produced by none other than Khloe Kardashian.

As the youngest of the Kardashian trio, Khloe has always been a bit different from the rest. She frequently said in the show she felt adopted because she looked, sounded and acted differently from her sisters, Kourtney and Kim. However, for true KUWTK fans, viewers will note that Khloe has always had an interest in the more criminal and taboo part of entertainment.

In the past she’s even mentioned watching different true crime shows to her family like the Netflix original, Making a Murderer. Now, she’s a part of a show that is exploring just how twisted the family relationship can get.

When the first glimpse of the series premiered online it shocked many of us. The program seems like a crime television lover’s dream; a show with consistently good plots because of the dark, twisted family theme and the media to support the storytelling element. But moving into this genre is still a bit surprising for the Kardashian brand.

Typically, the Kardashians put their name on products that appeal to a wide audience of mainly young women. Kim has make-up brand KKW, Kourtney works with Pretty Little Thing and Khloe has her own apparel brand. Khloe’s Good American jeans and athletic wear brand is favored among the 25 to 30-year-old crowd. All these products fall in line with the trendy Kardashian fashion and beauty brand. Momager Kris never planned for niche markets to be a part of the brand, but the girls have continued to create products and work with brands that align more with their personality and less with what they believe will sell to the public.

While it may take people a bit of time to warm up to, the idea of moving into a new genre is good for the Kardashian family. So far, it seems like their business ventures have become a bit predictable and tiring. For the Kardashians, whatever they mention on their Instagram or Twitter has an extremely high chance of becoming an entrepreneurial opportunity for them.

This venture into producing is not new. Selena Gomez did it with her show, 13 Reasons Why. The show had its own impact and meaning but her genuine interest in the project kept the creation honest and true to the story, which appealed to people who didn’t even know about the book. While the general crime entertainment market may be smaller, Khloe’s involvement will have a similar Gomez effect. Her name and love for the show will create more buzz and attract a larger audience. And if the stories are told honestly and thoroughly, then the audience will stay and continue to enjoy the series.

The series is set to premiere on the ID channel Monday, Sept. 3 at 10 p.m. The sneak peek is now available online on the Investigation Discovery YouTube page.