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Why Astrology Isn’t Always Accurate About Romantic Relationships

You meet someone new. You try to break the ice.

How do you do? What’s your favorite color? When’s your birthday?

Since we’re talking about it–when were you born and where, too?

If I meet a potential partner I want to plot their entire natal chart and see how compatible we are, even though I know astrology isn’t always accurate about relationships.

For example, when Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson hooked up like a book of matches and a flame, I thought maybe they could be the real deal. Maybe they’re twin flames. Sure, soul mates are cool, but if you delve deeper,  you’ll see we have many soul mates and not all of them are destined to be your romantic other. They teach us karmic lessons whereas twin flames are your true love. Twin flames are the other half of your soul divided into two beings to show one another how to experience the fullest version of life. Though the two are popularly debated, and the terms often mixed up, the idea remains the same. Astrology is a tool supposed to help us match with our twin flame, but it doesn’t always give the right explanations.

Cancers and Scorpios–they mate for life. Or at least so I thought. Just another reason I thought Ari and Pete would last. Both are water signs, which are deeply emotional and intuitive. They can have a very deep connection and relationship. Take Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. The pair has been married for 40 years. Born on July 9, Hanks is a Cancer. Born on October 26, Wilson is a Scorpio. But, that’s one of the most common pitfalls of astrology. People take only the sun sign and run with it.

When people disagree with astrology it’s mainly because they only know their sun sign and don’t identify with it. Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have the same moon signs in Leo, so it makes sense why they’re still together. Moon signs symbolize a person’s true nature, which is shown when they’re away from the world. Moon signs are revered by many as a past life connection and a sign of twin flames. Checking the rest of a person’s chart is critical to the craft. People are multifaceted beings with plenty of personas they hide from the outside world. What about the person they keep for themselves?

But even with compatible moon signs, the relationship can be toxic. Take Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain. The respective Cancer and Pisces appeared to be too emotionally driven to work even though their moon signs said another thing. Both had Cancer moons, which again, signifies a past life and/or twin flame connection. Maybe that’s why it worked for a time, but toxic relationships are never twin flames.

Another couple misunderstood by the world is Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. An unlikely couple, Kanye a Gemini and Kim a Libra. Sometimes too much of the same sign, including air signs, isn’t good. Looking past the surface and further into their astrological charts, you’ll find they also share the same moon. They’re both Pisces moons, another possible twin flame with past life connection.

Moon signs aside, the most random couples can still work. An older couple (part of Hollywood royalty) that comes to mind is Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell. Though never married, the couple has dated for over thirty years. Their relationship baffles me the most because Hawn is a Sagittarius and Russell is a Pisces. Fire and water, I was sure their flame would go out. They don’t even share the same moon sign. Kurt’s a Cancer moon and Goldie’s a Gemini moon. But even in an environment as strange as Hollyweird, they’ve made it work.

A more recent couple brings a new second generation to Sagittarius-Pisces relationships: Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber. Hailey is the Sag with a Taurus moon and Justin the Pisces with a Libra moon. I have to say, I resent that the pair works because I predicted they’d break up before Pete and Ari.

All signs aside, the real signs you should be looking for in a relationship are usually the ones right in front of your face. Someone’s behavior, character and personality will tell you much more than their natal chart. I do believe that astrology provides explanations for every personality and relationship, but even astrology isn’t accurate about all relationships. Not even being made of the same stardust can save star-crossed lovers.

Hey! I'm Veronica, a journalism senior at the University of Florida. I'm usually up till dawn either out with friends or working on a deadline. I love writing, music, yoga, rocks, social justice and animal rights. My favorite color is pink and my favorite vinyl at the moment is "I Love You, Honeybear," by Father John Misty. If you need me, you can probably catch me on the vegan cheese aisle at your local grocery store.
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