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Which Kardashian Sister Are You?

An American TV staple like Kim? A wild child like Kendall and Kylie? A chameleon like Khloe? Or a normal person like Kourtney? The possibilities are endless.


1. What’s Your Favorite Thing to Do On Friday Night?


a) Work out

b) Take selfies

c) Cook healthy foods and go to bed early

d) Go wherever the night takes me, I guess…

e) Snuggle up with my boyfriend

2. What’s Your Favorite Drink?


a) Kocktails probably

b) I don’t drink so, maybe water?

c) Wine mom 100%

d) I take shots when nobody’s looking

e) Anything! It’s illegal right?

3. Which Current Kardashian Boyfriend Would You Date?

a) Tristan Thompson

b) Kanye West

c) Scott Disick

d) A$AP Rocky

e) Tyga

Pick A Phrase That Describes You

a) “Amen”

b) “Like, Seriously?”

c) “Slob Kabobs”

d) “Everyone is beautiful”

e) “Realizing stuff”


Mostly A’s:

You’re a Khloe! You love to work out, but are always down for a great time. You have lots of boyfriends, but never take anything too seriously unless they do. You aren’t really bothered with the opinions of the people around you. You’re super confident and always ready to knock down the haters, even if you’re kind of a hater yourself.

Mostly B’s:

You’re a Kim! You are the queen of your friend group, even though you’re actually pretty boring. Friday nights are usually spent in, but you make sure to document your ~bomb~ highlight for your thousands of snapchat fans. You’re super sexy and can rock any trend, especially if you make it up yourself.

Mostly C’s:

You’re a Kourtney! You’re a dark horse- funnier, smarter, and cooler than people around you, but you’d rather keep to yourself. Not to say that you didn’t have a wild time in your past, but as you’ve matured, you’ve realized that judgment is inevitable, so you’d rather not let too many people in. Very healthy eater, also.

Mostly D’s:

You’re a Kendall! You totally don’t care about anything, but want to make sure everyone knows it. You’re known to do impulsive things that definitely are not for attention, but when people ask about them, you’ll talk for hours. You try to be a wildcard, but you’re honestly pretty predictable.

Mostly E’s:

You’re a Kylie! Nobody really knows what you’re doing, but you’re doing you so that’s what matters. You love lipstick, being crazy for crazy’s sake, and your boyfriend. You’re the girl that will go out until four in the morning dancing on tables, but go home and cuddle with your boyfriend for the entire day after. Maybe one day you’ll get your life together, but who cares right now?


You’re a Kris! You live through what your friends are doing, but you’ll always be the OG. All of your younger friends have traits that are similar to yours, but you will always find a way to outdo them. Your friends are into hot yoga, you’re into bikini yoga. Your friend gets a dog, you get five. People may think you’ve lost it sometimes, but you’re always respected.

Photo Credit: eonline.com

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