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They are a staple in many girls’ wardrobes — easy to slip on and pull off. They come in every color, pattern, and texture you can imagine. They’re TOMS. 

TOMS are as versatile as we are different, and they go with almost everything in our closet and are appropriate for almost every occasion you can think of. These everyday shoes have even gone as far as producing a line specifically for weddings. But are TOMS really always the best choice? Let’s find out:


Formal Events 
From flat black to inlaid sequins, TOMS can go anywhere you can imagine. There are lines of wedges, fancy lace, and decorative patterns. Need to go to a funeral? How about a formal dinner? Want to go out with the family to one of those on-your-feet-all-night cocktail parties? You’re covered. TOMS can go from casual to formal as fast as you can switch from jeans to a tea dress.

A Night Out      
Ever have one of those nights when all you want to do is dance at every club Downtown until your feet bleed? A pair TOMS allows you to do all the dancing in the world and skip the bleeding calluses usually caused by wearing heels all night long. Make that smile in all your photos a genuine one as opposed to a grimace of pain, by dressing up your day shoes! The days of clubs being “high-heel only” affairs is long behind us. Adapt to the times, and save your poor toes.

Let’s be honest: The first shoes we put on when running to class are the ones that won’t take too much effort to match and will slip on in 3.4 seconds. Trusty TOMS to the rescue. From super casual, basic shoes to adding a touch of class and color to an otherwise boring outfit, these babies can go anywhere with you. Wearing a mostly black outfit? Add some orange and blue TOMS, Gators accessories, and your best smile. Heartbreaker alert!

When can’t I wear TOMS? 
Ladies, there is one very unfortunate time when you should never wear TOMS: rain, an unfortunately common occurance in our wonderful state. Rain can really ruin your TOMS (see depressing picture above). Dress them up; dress them down; wear them all around; but, keep them out of the rain!


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