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What Your St. Patrick’s Day Outfit Says About You

St. Patrick’s Day is a fun day full of leprechauns, “Kiss Me I’m Irish” T-shirts, pots of gold and the color green everywhere you look. Everybody celebrates St. Patrick’s Day a little bit differently, but you can be sure to usually find at least a little bit of green in the majority of students’ outfits on college campuses across America. After all, nobody wants to be pinched for not wearing green! I think what you wear on St. Patrick’s Day says a little bit about your own personality. Whether you are all decked out in green from head to toe, or simply have a peek of green in your outfit, there’s something to say about the person wearing it!

All Decked Out in Green: Everyone will immediately notice this person on campus. They are the ones with the bouncy shamrock headbands, sparkly green accessories and green eye-shadow on throughout the day. This type of person is full of enthusiasm and loves going above and beyond for the holiday. They aren’t afraid to dress up and be silly, and their confidence is through the roof. They definitely won’t be pinched by anyone!

Graphic St. Paddy’s Day T-Shirts: These are the tees that typically say “Kiss Me I’m Irish” or anything related to Irish pubs, beer or pots of gold. This girl tends to be the comical one of the group. She likes to have fun, be noticed and stay lighthearted throughout the day. She will definitely be noticed by her fun sense of humor and cute T-shirt and tends to be the life of any party!  

Green Sundresses or Skater Skirts: This is the type of girl who wants to join in on the fun, yet still stay stylish at the same time. She will typically plan her outfit a week ahead of the holiday to confirm that her look is perfect for the big day. Her outfit will consist of bright green prints and be of the newest trends! She likes to be noticed for her adorable outfits and provide fashion inspiration to others. This girl is mature and fabulous and surely will be going out to a party on St. Patrick’s Day.

A Peek of Green: This girl could be one of two cases. Either she isn’t a huge fan of the holiday, but still wants to be included by adding an accessory or outfit with a green print on it. Or perhaps she woke up and forgot that it was St. Patrick’s Day and therefore borrowed an item from a friend in order to join in on the fun. A peek of green counts all the same and shows the world that you do have an Irish side!

Whether you are dressed head-to-toe in green or casually wearing a bit of green in your outfit, a lot can be said about your outfit! Which category do you fall under? We hope you enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day, collegiettes!

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