What Your Preferred Social Network Says About You

The plethora of social media networks available these days is mind-boggling — and your choice to participate in each of these unique communities can say a lot about your real-life personality. Which one of these addictive apps and websites do you find yourself spending the most time on?

1. Instagram: You consider yourself a pretty artsy, interesting person and may be in need of validation every now and then. You know in your heart that the eleventh post of that #nofilter sunset, the fifth post of your sushi dinner tagged with #foodporn, and the sixth consecutive post of your boyfriend as your #MancrushMonday, are pure, double-tap-worthy gold. Yet, you still experience slight anxiety as you wait for the number of hearts to slowly creep up. Instagram brings out the narcissist in many of us. But don’t worry because we all forgive you, especially when your new puppy shows up on our newsfeed to make our day.

2. Twitter: You consider yourself a witty, generally eloquent person — although spell check may consider otherwise. Because you follow a wide variety of celebrities, spoof accounts, and reputable news sources, your tweets and retweets are a constant haphazard stream of personal rants, world affairs, and pictures of nights out, which can be a reflection of your real-life short attention span. Your Twitter account is an online reflection of your busy, dynamic lifestyle.

3. Snapchat: You value privacy and closeness to a certain degree but still enjoy a laugh with your best friends. Alternatively, you may find yourself in a lot of situations that future employers may find questionable. Either way, Snapchat is a way you choose to have a laugh without fear of repercussions for your future or reputation, which reflects your carefree, YOLO attitude in real life.

4. Tumblr: Words and phrases such as AU, OTP, ship, and “my feels” are part of your daily vernacular. You’re a Harry Potter fan by default, but joining Tumblr has caused multiple other fandoms, such as Supernatural, Sherlock, Doctor Who, and Game of Thrones. You have witnessed the birth of many memes and can name their point of origin well before they wind up on your Facebook newsfeed. Tumblr reflects your love of all things fantasy, writing, and art, and live-blogging season premieres is what gives you purpose in life.

5. Pinterest: Pinning is pretty much your drug. Pinterest-lovers can be found fervently repinning posts and creating an online fantasy life for their future self. From DIY decoration projects and recipes to furniture and outfit ideas, Pinterest is your way of planning for a dream future of luxury, craftiness, and bliss in a mason jar, which reflects your idealistic, artistic nature.

6. Facebook: If Facebook is your only or primary social media outlet, you’re probably someone who likes to stick with a tried-and-true familiar setting. Updates and changes, like the infamous “wall” to “timeline” shift in 2011, drive you insane. But once you’ve declared loyalty, you won’t let it waver — just like your personality in real life. After all, it takes a serious dedication to stick by it even after your friends cause a cringe-worthy middle school picture to resurface from 2008.

7. MySpace: Lik3 [email protected] [email protected]!0n r u fRoM?!1!!1? Although most of us logged out of MySpace around the time we traded in our flip phones, nostalgia has kept you firmly rooted in the past. Either that or the music scene is what has kept you on the borderline obsolete sector of social media known as MySpace.

Social media is a strange online terrain to navigate. Whether you repost, repin, reblog, “like,” or double-tap, each unique online niche is an interesting reflection of your real-life persona.


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