What We Can Learn from Female Superheroes

If Marvel Comics has taught us anything, it’s that men have saved the Marvel universe, but women have added an extra something to their storylines. Marvel recently announced phase three of its future line-up of superhero movies spanning until 2018 and with very few female superheroes announced to appear. I’d like to fix that by giving a brief list of the most renowned superheroines and the benefits of having more super-powered female characters grace the silver screen in the coming years. Here’s everything a girl can learn from a strong female role model:

1. Jean Grey from X-MenIf you’re new to the Marvel universe or comics in general, you’ll want to start off with Jean Grey. Highly intelligent and recognized as Professor Xavier’s second-in-command in the X-Men series, she’s also a woman who girls can look up to. Why? Although she struggles with her identity due to her mutant powers (extremely powerful telepathy), she remains true to herself until circumstances take that option out of her hands (anyone remember the Phoenix?).

2. Wonder Woman from DC ComicsWonder Woman belongs to DC Comics, but that it doesn’t stop her from being any less of a powerful role model all females can look up to. The character of the Amazonian princess will actually appear in the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice movie featuring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill. Her true strength lies in being able to feel compassion for others and give love without discrimination.

3. Storm from X-MenAnother X-Men member, Storm’s origin story (and hair) have been a source of interest for many fans of the X-Men universe. For a time, she was worshipped as a rain goddess in an African tribe, feared and revered for her ability to control the weather. She later became a part of Professor X’s X-Men group and a teacher to mutant students struggling to cope with their gifts. Wise beyond her years, she always thinks of the consequences of her actions and how they might affect those she loves. It also doesn’t hurt that her character is played by Halle Berry, another woman we can all look up to!

4. Black Widow from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and The AvengersThis one may be a bit more familiar because she’s been in multiple superhero films in the last five years. Seemingly aloof, she shows an inner strength that is ingrained into her from past experiences as a spy for the Soviet Union, later defecting to the United States and becoming an agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. Perhaps one of the most powerful and intelligent heroines of the Marvel universe, Natalia Romanova is as fierce as these ladies get, and Scarlett Johansson takes her to an all-new level.

5. She-Hulk, cousin of the HulkOne of the lesser known heroes, She-Hulk is the cousin of the Hulk and turns green when angered. Depicted as fun-loving, kind and feisty, she’s a lawyer who fights for minority rights, civil liberties and the mentally ill. Her strength comes in standing by her beliefs and refusing to cave at the will of others. She is a superhero with incredible physical strength, but she never takes matters into her own hands. Instead she relies on law and order to solve things.

6. Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel’s female counterpartAnother relatively unknown female superhero, Ms. Marvel was created to represent a woman’s quest for raised consciousness, self-liberation and identity. It’s with these impressive goals Ms. Marvel could safely be assumed to represent every woman. Although she struggles to come out of Captain Marvel’s shadow, she also comes to terms with who she wants to be instead of who she is expected to be.

The comic book world is mostly dominated by male superheroes, but women are never far behind in presenting interesting and compelling storylines that have made them some of the strongest female characters in history. We can all learn lessons about maintaining strength in the face of opposition from these fictional characters. Whether they’re supporting characters in some of the biggest film franchises or leading ladies in their own comic books, they’ve left their mark on the lives of the females who grow up with them around the world.