‘What’s in My Backpack?’ with Her Campus UFL

Meet Jia Russo, Morgan Spraker and Niha Maity.

As busy college students and Her Campus UFL members juggling work, school, internships and extracurricular obligations, they rely on having a well-packed bag and their bags are as unique as they are.

Jia Russo is a second-year advertising major and a Her Campus UFL public relations team member. In her spare time, Russo plays video games and creates art. She prefers a cute bag to a backpack. Her Victoria Secret tote even coordinates with one of her card cases! She also has a business card holder in her bag.

“I have my business card case because I’m an advertising major and I feel like marketing is very important, so I always carry my cards around and social media on the back and then if anyone like else has like cards I’ll like have somewhere to put it,” Russo said.

The most unusual thing in Russo’s bag? A measuring tape!

“I like being prepared!” Russo said, “And I don’t know, I measure a lot of clothes. I’m a Posh Mark ambassador so I have to list a lot of clothes and do a lot of measurements in case people want to buy something but they’re not quite sure if it fits so I have to do the measurement.”

Her “Keep Your Shit Together” pencil case stays in her bag too and keeps her motivated and calm during tests.

Niharika Maity, or Niha, is a fourth-year computer science major and has been a Features Writer since the Spring of 2018 both for Her Campus UFL and Her Campus at University of Leeds during her time studying abroad. Along with notebooks and a folder, one of the things she keeps in her backpack is her bullet journal.

“Bullet journal is something new I’m trying this year. I really like to-do lists,” Maity said. “It still looks mostly like a to-do list, but I’m trying to figure out like what format I want.”

Maity keeps several practical things in her bag including an umbrella and a water bottle as well as a cute student ID case with a clear panel for her UF ID.

“So, I just use this when I go on the buses,” Maity said. “It’s really easy: take this out, show it to the driver.”

Morgan Spraker has been with Her Campus UFL as a Features Writer for three semesters now. She is a second-year UF student majoring in both English and sustainability studies. Her love of books and literature is reflected in the contents of her JanSport backpack which she says she’s had since senior year of high school. Not only does Spraker keep a notebook for her own writing, but she always carries the novel she is currently reading.

Spraker keeps her favorite Nyx Powder Puff lipstick in her bag too. And of course, snacks!

“These are the Trader Joe’s chili and lime corn roll tortilla chips,” Spraker said. “They are delicious, and I usually don’t like spicy things either.”

Need tips on what to keep in your bag this semester?

Both Russo and Maity suggest carrying a good lip balm for protection against harsh Florida weather. Planners, notebooks, and lots of small pouches were also must-haves for all three Her Campus UFL members. Each of them also carries items in their bag that are distinct and have personal significance to them. Russo and Spraker carry wallets that were gifts, and Maity uses a reusable lunch bag from her travels in Italy. Keeping items in your bag that you find helpful or important to you personally will make your bag as unique and awesome as you are.