What It's Like Being the Honest Friend

We all have that one friend — the one who is extremely straightforward and will always give you their honest opinion. I’m that friend. Here’s what it’s like being an extremely direct person like me.

We're honest because people ask for our opinions

I can’t speak for everyone, but I can definitely tell you that I find myself being so honest mainly because people ask for it. While I do find myself giving my unrequested opinion every once in a while (something I am avidly working on), if you ask for my opinion, you will hear it.

When I’m asked my thoughts on something, whether it is what you should eat for dinner or if your boyfriend is really worth it, I can promise you that I will tell you exactly what I think. You asked for it, I give it to you. Now of course, this has its consequences.

Sometimes, we find that not everyone wants to know the truth

Oftentimes, people ask for your opinion without actually wanting to hear what you are going to say. I can’t count how many times I’ve been asked for my thoughts on a topic and then was instantly attacked for saying what’s on my mind.

Hypothetically, my best friend asks me which dress she should wear to dinner — red or pink — and I say pink. Then, she proceeds to wear the red dress, saying she didn’t like the pink one. This is a situation all brutally honest collegiettes like myself know all too well. If you already made up your mind and didn’t care to know my opinion, why did you ask?

People think we’re rude

Another thing I always find people saying is that my honesty is rude. However, I'm really not trying to be rude, and if I offend them, I don’t do it on purpose. My authenticity is based off my honesty, and if you find what I say to be offensive, I’m sorry. Being mean or rude is not my intention at all. Referring to the dress example I used before, if I tell you the red dress doesn't look good on you, but you get offended and say I’m rude and inconsiderate, then you really don’t understand what I meant.

Once again, I was asked for my opinion, and I gave it with reasoning. My goal is never to be offensive, and I genuinely feel bad when people take what I say out of context. 

Just because we're honest doesn't mean we are thinking of all sides of the story

One of the things that makes our honesty so genuine is that we aren’t biased. When I give advice on anything, I always look at the entirety of the situation and then tell you what I think. I try my hardest not to make assumptions and to give suggestions based off of the information I know. Anyone who knows me knows they can count on me to give my best judgment with integrity and sincerity.

At the end of the day, our honesty makes us who we are

Even though not everyone is a fan of an overly-honest person, it’s what makes us who we are. There are many people who often come to me for advice because they know they will get a truly honest opinion. The reality is that I am always willing to give my trustworthy advice.

So, if you ever are looking for an honest opinion, you know you can always count on me.