What it Feels Like to Finally Reunite With Your BFF During Winter Break

Winter Break is full of wonderful moments: shopping for that perfect gift, seeing all the sparkling decorations, tasting the fantastic seasonal food and most importantly, reuniting with your best friend. For those of us whose best friends go to a different school, we don’t get to see our other halves very often, especially if our BFFs are out of state. But luckily, Winter Break is just around the corner and that sweet reunion is closer than ever. Here’s a rundown of what it feels like to finally reunite with your favorite gal pal.

When someone asks you when the last time you saw your BFF was and you go…

You’re constantly texting your best friend, even when you shouldn’t be.

Whenever you Skype them, you’re like…

But it sucks when you can’t comfort them properly when they need it.

And even though you and your other friends are tight, it’s your BFF who’s on that same level of weird as you.

So if you’re waiting for the day you get to see your BFF again…

Just remember you’re one step closer to being reunited with “your person!”

You’re going to reunite with a big hug.

You’ll get to let out all that sass that only your BFF gets.

Not to mention, catching up on all the gossip about people you know.

Don’t forget the epic sleepovers to make up for lost time.

And now that you’re home you get to have exciting adventures in your hometown.

Even just being around your BFF is enough to make you super happy.

Because you know that the two of you are in it for life.

If finals week is getting you down, just keep in mind that you’re one step closer to seeing your best friend! Get the countdown going and be ready for some serious girl time.