What Even Is Cuffing Season?

The holiday season is a time for us to forget our troubles and be with the people we love. We surround ourselves with memories of childhood and kick back with a cup of hot chocolate. (At least that’s how Hallmark presents the idea of the holiday season to us.) With the end of Halloween comes the beginning of the holiday season, and with the holiday season comes cuffing season.

What is cuffing season?

Cuffing season happens around this time every year. I'd say it's a relatively new — but not unheard-of — term used to describe the perceived trend of single people falling prey to the holiday warmth and nostalgia as they get into relationships. Seasonal or not, this trend has caught fire, and most millennials will know what is implied with cuffing season.

According to an article from The Independent, a study from dating app Hinge found that men are 15 percent more likely to use a dating app during cuffing season, and women are 5 percent more likely to do the same. That’s a significant difference from the warmer months, when men are reportedly 11 percent less likely to look for a relationship, and women are 5 percent less likely to do the same. I guess fuzzy socks and cold weather really do bring people together.

Are there any negatives to this?

Morgan Sullivan, a writer for Her Campus at Temple University, pointed out some pretty legitimate cons in her article about the trend. She stated that the season could cause some false feelings and loneliness, which is quite true. I used to unknowingly participate in cuffing season, and all my “flings” in the winter months ended with both of these. It’s a risk you take in order to find your midnight cuddle buddy.

“I turned him down at first, but we started dating mid-January this year. It only lasted for about a month and a half,” stated Kaitlyn, a first-year mechanical engineering student at the University of Florida. “We were in engineering together in high school, and we started hanging out junior year because of it. We hung out a lot after our senior year when we started the Robotics club. He asked me out early on during cuffing season, but I changed my mind because he asked my friend out as well. In January, I decided to give him a chance. It ended up not working because of scheduling conflicts. I did feel lonely after, and it was awkward because we saw each other every day. Now he goes here, and I see him occasionally. We’re still friendly.”

Should I try it?

If you want! Honestly, despite the potential cons, cuffing season can be fun. It gives you a chance to date someone new around an intimate time of the year. Cuddling with your pets and watching holiday specials is always fun, but cuddling with another person is even better. However, jumping on the cuffing season bandwagon may not be something you can necessarily just *do* — it might be something that just happens. Either way, do what makes you comfortable and what feels right in your heart.