What To Do When You Didn’t Land That Summer Internship

For the past couple of months, along with the normal stresses we incur from classes, clubs and any other commitments, girls across campuses everywhere have been blasting their resumes and cover letters to just about any organization possible in the hopes of getting a summer internship. While we have heard some amazing stories of girls landing internships at some of the most coveted companies across industries, the reality of it is that, unfortunately, there are a ton of collegiettes who were just unable to close in on their desired internships. This is not to say that not all of us aren’t talented and qualified young women capable of handling anything thrown our way, because we are. But for whatever reason, things just don't work out sometimes. While I know that most of us are currently living under an extreme amount of anxiety over your summer plans, the truth is that there is plenty to look forward to even without an internship this summer.

Traveling might be the very best way for you to spend your summer sans internship. While it is probably too late in the game for you to apply to any study abroad programs at this point, this isn’t to mean traveling the world or even just the country isn’t the eye-opening experience you’re looking for this summer. Just about anyone you might speak to can attest that traveling this summer will not only enrich your experience as a student but it can also change your life. As an added bonus, traveling is something that can be added to resumes and is a great talking point with future employers. So grab a couple of your closest gal pals and plan a trip today. I can almost guarantee you won’t regret it!

A huge resume-booster, volunteering is a biggie when it comes to how to spend your time this summer. Whether it be close to campus or back at home, there are thousands of organizations all across the country looking for volunteers to help in just about any way imaginable. While it might not be an internship, volunteering can in many ways be a significantly more enriching way to spend your summer. Spending your summer making a difference not only affects the lives of those in need but also in the community as a whole, and it's definitely a strong alternative to spending your summer in an office. An added bonus? Some volunteer opportunities will even allow you to travel to new and exciting locations!

Work, work, work, work, work! Who doesn’t want to spend their summer making a little extra cash to assist our non-existent, broke-college-girl budget? While typical college student summer jobs might not be exactly what you wanted to spend your time doing, this can actually be a beneficial experience worthy of noting on your resume. Regardless of what your job may entail, summer jobs can prove to potential employers your time management skills as well as your level of responsibility. More often than not, employers want to see that you’ve at least had some level of real-world work experience and summer jobs. No matter how mundane they might be, summer jobs are a great way to express your work ethic! And the extra cash flow never really hurt anybody.

Remember ladies, just because you didn’t get that summer internship doesn’t mean your whole summer has to go to waste. You might be surprised to find you’ll have the best summer of your life trying out some of these activities. Everything always happens for a reason!