What to Bring When You’re Traveling Overseas

Being able to travel to different countries is a wonderful opportunity; you’re able to experience new sights, people and a lifestyle that’s different from what you know back home. Traveling is also filled with excitement since you get to live in the moment every day and have no idea what you might discover the next. I have been to several countries overseas, and the adventures I had while I was away from home are priceless. I have learned one super important lesson from traveling overseas is to pack smart when you’re making your suitcase. Here are the most important rules to follow when packing up for a long trip.

Rule 1: Pack lightly

I’m telling you, you will not have fun lugging around a gigantic suitcase from one country to another. Make sure to only pack the things you need. Trust me, you don’t need to bring three different pairs of jeans. You will need the extra room for souvenirs because we all know you won’t be able to resist.

Rule 2: Bring comfortable shoes

This rule applies especially if you will be traveling to countries in Europe. For countries in Europe, it’s custom to walk around the cities. Also, many shops and cafes tend to be in the center of the city. Not only will you be spending most of your time walking, but it’s important to wear supportive shoes because the streets in Europe tend to be bumpy and uneven. Walking in heels is basically asking for a twisted ankle—you’re better off wearing some cute sandals or sneakers.

Rule 3: Bring outlet converters

American electronics run on a different number of volts than other countries, so it is important to bring an adapter when you’re traveling or else you won’t be able to charge your phone, laptops, and cameras. It is also important to keep in mind that many hotels in Europe and other areas are old, so be careful and try to charge one item at a time.

Rule 4: Bring extra cash

In an emergency, you never know what may happen, so I recommend always keeping some extra cash on you in case your credit card doesn’t work or if you lose your wallet.

Rule 5: Bring a toiletry bag

I always like to bring a small container of shampoo and conditioner in case I don’t like what the hotel provides, or if they don’t give custom soaps at all. I also always bring extra sunscreen because walking around in the sun all day will definitely leave me sun kissed. I also like to bring a small sewing kit incase I have a wardrobe malfunction.

Getting to travel to different countries is a worthwhile experience that everyone should try to have at least once. It is a time when you’re able to escape reality by having an adventure with loved ones. But for your own sake, it’s important to pack smartly and realistically on these trips!

Photo credit: weknowyourdreams.com